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新加坡 - 13/10/2019
第5场: 第5级 - 1200M E跑道 (短直程) (草地赛道) 时间: 16:10 奖金: S$30000
Trackform号码 [1310]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:10.90 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.58  600公尺 0:36.04  800公尺 0:47.67  1000公尺 0:59.04  
马名 配备 马匹
5世胜老板 B4246256564雷马克陈泳志5-4-111:10.900
6初恋 B4251456523尤索夫赛米4-5-221:11.131.3
7高级哥 42527565210尼扎尔赛米9-9-331:11.151.5
4伟大利加 4646858585汤普新瑞尔士3-3-441:11.453.3
1阿方索 WK4849559576郭炜烘彼得斯1-1-551:11.523.8
3林家旅行 4647858589B伍活瑞尔士8-7-661:11.684.8
9浩胜盈玥 B, EM32438515111再基陈瀠旺10-10-771:11.705
2冰人 4845159578沙里扎克莱门2-2-881:11.916.3
11波希米亚 B, TT2244150502克希纳高冈6-6-991:11.916.4
10宏图大志 B3050650507赛富汀林炜恩7-8-10101:12.127.7
8阳光计划 B4045855551黄敬权杨克荣11-11-11111:15.3827.5
Bumped on jumping.

Near the 250m got unbalanced after being bumped on the hindquarters by TSURIAN, which was held up for a clear run.

Checked near the 100m.

Impounded for routine veterinary and analytical examination. The Veterinary Surgeon reported no apparent abnormality.

Trainer S Gray's stable representative, when questioned regarding the significant increase in the body weight, stated that the gelding had not raced for four months. He added that the gelding was, in his opinion, fit to start. A Pre-Race veterinary examination passed the gelding fit to race.

Jumped outwards at the start carrying UPGRADED out onto HOSTWIN QUEEN.

Was checked near the 1000m between TSURIAN which was endeavouring to hold its line one off the fence, that resulted in both horses bumping and CIZEN BOSS being forced outwards across the heels of THE ICEMAN. After being checked near the 1000m, raced wide without cover from the 900m.

Bumped near the 1000m. Was held up from the 400m, then passing the 300m had to be checked when still held up between CIZEN BOSS and THE ICEMAN, and made contact with the hindquarters of THE ICEMAN resulting in both horses getting unbalanced near the 250m.

Carried outwards on jumping and made heavy contact with HOSTWIN QUEEN.

Trainer KY Young, when questioned regarding the significant decrease in the body weight, stated that the gelding was back to its normal body weight. He added that the gelding was, in his opinion, fit to start. A Pre-Race veterinary examination passed the gelding fit to race.

Slow to begin and then showed no early pace despite the urgings of its rider.

A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormality. Will be required to pass a 1000m gallop trial from the barrier and a veterinary examination prior to being declared to race again.

After arriving at the barrier, its saddle was readjusted.

Began very awkwardly before being bumped heavily.

Prior to the running of Race 5, Trainer J Lim's representative notified the Stewards that the tactics were to endeavour to ride positive as had not been finishing off when ridden back in the field.

Settled midfield, three wide without cover.

Jumped awkwardly outwards and made contact with THE ICEMAN.

Due to a delay in the start time of Race 1, this race was put back sixty minutes and rescheduled to start at 1610.

APP WH KOK the rider of MR ALPHONSO, in the presence of the Apprentice Jockey Coach, Mr Mathew Pumpa, pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under MRA Rule 44(9)(a)(ii) in that near the 100m, he permitted his mount to shift outwards when riding it along and insufficiently clear of THE ICEMAN (APP S SHAFRIZAL), resulting in that horse being checked When deciding on penalty, the Stewards took into account his record, guilty plea and the degree of interference and carelessness. APP WH KOK was suspended from riding in races with effect from Monday, 4 November 2019 to Friday, 15 November 2019 both dates inclusive (three Singapore Race Days) and was advised of his Right of Appeal. This penalty will be served consecutively following the completion of his suspension from Monday, 26 October 2019 until Sunday, 3 November 2019 both dates inclusive (three Singapore Race Days).