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新加坡 - 06/02/2019
第8场: 鸿运发财碗 3级赛 (3岁及以上) (条件配磅赛) (不允许骑师让磅) - 1400M C跑道 (短直程) (草地赛道) 时间: 16:55 奖金: S$200000
Trackform号码 [164]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:21.86 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.10  600公尺 0:35.36  800公尺 0:46.84  1000公尺 0:58.53  1200公尺 1:09.87  
马名 配备 马匹
12有得威 EM10652955552莫丹尼菲特文5-5-111:21.860
11快意恩仇 TT107497555513薄奇能克莱门2-2-221:21.860.1
1朱庇特金 106496585812雷马克高冈12-9-331:21.990.9
9杨先生 9650056567罗达布隆9-8-441:22.131.7
7拉菲洛 WK10847756563祖格拉李卡都3-4-551:22.172
2精英无敌 TT10451958586B伍活霍卡 8-11-661:22.192.2
16美瞳 B, EM9044350.551.510S约翰高冈11-12-771:22.212.3
14豐功懋烈 95530525211沙里扎克莱门14-13-881:22.272.8
6克林 B, TT93525575714汤普新菲特文15-15-991:22.282.9
13旺得福 94515535316阿密鲁陈瀠旺10-10-10101:22.363.4
4真人 B10747857571安保罗克莱门6-6-11111:22.373.5
5大口仔 VIS9947557575阿沙哈柯清狄7-7-12121:22.474
8诺雅先锋 P10446456568穆哈诺彼得斯13-14-13131:22.534.5
15行侠仗义 TT8651952524海理陈瀠旺4-3-14141:22.564.7
17林家魔术 WK8649549509赛富汀瑞尔士16-16-15151:22.584.8
3阿发 TT94564585815杜奕菲特文1-1-16161:22.916.8
2 ELITE INVINCIBLE R WOODWORTH - Shortly after the start, shifted outwards abruptly after initially being carried outwards by FOREVER YOUNG.

4 ALIBI JP VAN DER MERWE - Was held up from the 200m before gaining clear ground approaching the 100m.

An Inquiry was adjourned into an incident near the 900m until Friday 08 February 2019.

5 FOREVER YOUNG I AZHAR - Shortly after the start, shifted outwards and away from ROBIN HOOD.

RIDER reported that his mount continued to changed stride throughout the race which he attributed to today's track condition and that the gelding was better suited on ground that has more give. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormality.

Rider was warned for failing to straighten his mount near the 300m, when continuing to ride along long with the whip, allowing it to shift out when not fully clear of MAKANANI.

6 MR CLINT B THOMPSON - Slow into stride.
8 NOVA STRIKE S NOH - Had to be checked shortly after the start, after being carried outwards by MISTER YEOH and when being carried outwards, made contact LIM'S MAGIC.

9 MISTER YEOH M RODD - Shortly after the start, was carried outwards abruptly by ELITE INVINCIBLE, in doing so, bumped NOVA STRIKE. Proved extremely difficult to settle in the early stages

10 KING LOUIS N JUGLALL - Course Scratching - lame near-fore; veterinary certificate required

13 SUPER FORTUNE APP I AMIRUL - Raced very wide without cover.
14 CHOPIN¿S FANTAISIE APP S SHAFRIZAL - Lost ground after beginning awkwardly. Had difficulty in obtaining clear running after passing the 400m and shifted outwards abruptly passing the 300m to gain a clear run.

The Veterinary Surgeon reported that it bled. As this being the gelding¿s third bleeding attack, it shall be permanently banned for racing in terms of MRA Rule 92(7).

15 ROBIN HOOD K A¿SISUHAIRI - Raced wide without cover.
16 MAKANANI S JOHN - Had to be eased to avoid the heels of FOREVER YOUNG near the 300m after it was taken out slightly by MISTER YEOH which had committed to a run on the outside of BLIZZARD, which in turn also shifted out slightly under pressure.

17 LIM¿S MAGIC I SAIFUDIN -- After arriving at the barrier, had its saddle readjusted.
Shortly after the start, had to be checked off the heels of MAKANANI, after being bumped heavily outwards by NOVA STRIKE. Commenced to make ground from the 200m and failed to obtain clear running over the final 100m, Subsequently, was not fully tested to the Winning Post

18 CIRCUIT MISSION UNFIXED Course Scratching - maximum field

Permission was granted for Jockey I Saifudin to replace Jockey T See on LIM'S MAGIC as the latter was unable to make the weight. Jockey See was subsequently fined a sum of S$2000 in terms of MRA Rule 152(5)(a).