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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 10/11/2018
RACE 2: CLASS 5 - 1200M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 13:45 PRIZE MONEY: RM$22500
Trackform号码 [1401]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:11.10
2金岭公主 3248458587荷西莱因斯10
8一皮先生 2451754532穆艾扎苏希华22.3
10上策 2354553.553.56刘菘粱梅纳德33.1
7汉升 2549254.5541鲁邑文辛凯奇44.4
11波罗佳佳 204275253.53S SANDANA西华54.9
3好震动 2952656.554.510拉齐奥莱因斯65
4大宝藏 2748955.555.55阿南丹苏克里76
5闪烁 2747655.555.511索凡苏希华87
9猫山王 2351153.553.512慕达萨林上游99.3
1周六精彩 3449559599沙列特威士1013.1
12牛熊市 1844152504许俊杰莱因斯1113.6
6维勒将军 2749155.555.58卢赛尼林伟杰1216.9
BULL AND BEAR (App CK Khaw) was slow to begin.

At about the 1100M, ARCHER COMPANY (R Rueven) was eased to avoid the heels of GOLDHILL PRINCESS (J De Souza) which crossed in front.

RED RACKHAM (S Anandan) over-raced in the early stages and in being eased to avoid the heels of ARCHER COMPANY and MR EPIC (App AM Aizat) approaching the 1000M, forfeited ground.

SATURDAY'S DELIGHT (S Salee) raced wide in the early and middle stages.

POLO GAGA (S Sandana) commenced to lay outwards at the 600M, and ran wide around the bend which he negotiated with difficulty. When questioned, Jockey S Sandana stated that as he changed his reins approaching the 400M, POLO GAGA had laid further outwards and was then one-paced in the concluding stages. The Stewards warned Jockey S Sandana that he must take more care not to give away ground by allowing his mount to run wide under similar circumstances in future.

When questioned about the improved performance shown by the winner, GOLDHILL PRINCESS (J De Souza). Trainer R Lines stated that the mare is habitually slow to begin but was able to overcome her bad start today. Jockey J De Souza added that GOLDHILL PRINCESS stood still in the gate as usual, but forfeited less ground today which he attributed to being granted a late load. Thereafter when he urged the mare to recover the lost ground, he was fortunate in that the gaps appeared for him and he was able to make progress through the field to obtain a midfield position at the 1000M.