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马来西亚 (槟城) - 16/09/2018
RACE 6: CLASS 4 - 1200M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 15:50 PRIZE MONEY: RM$53000
Trackform号码 [1152]
场地:烂地 夺标时速: 1:16.60
5王冠之星 5744957553许俊杰梁保强10
2胖力量 6050958.558.59黄锦昌罗伯斯20.5
9最得意 55516565513尤斯里库切34.5
14大胆创新 5053853.5536阿南丹阿索甘45
11克罗王子 5452655.555.51马礼安黄江发58.3
6双重彩虹 57476575315鲁维迪罗伯斯68.4
1威廉金 61471595614李伟杰李彼得78.9
3波罗仔 6048358.557.517林安健伍润平811.4
15星之选 57422575612林上崴李彼得912.4
7泰山男孩 5749457578刘菘粱莎莉1013.2
4肖邦夜曲 5950758564再利莎莉1116.2
10天灵灵 5546956565艾菲陈泳志1226.2
12马利多 5450055.554.516凯利梅纳德1376.2
CIZEN MAN and FUNKADELIC, both course scratchings as they had cellulitis off fore and a nail prick near fore foot respectively, will each be required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to race again.

Emergency acceptor, BLACK GHOST was withdrawn due to a capacity field.

MAZANDARAN which was down 15kgs and AUDACIOUS which was up 32kgs in body weight since their last runs, were checked by the Club Veterinary Surgeon prior to the race and were passed fit to start.

ACE KING (R Rueven) was withdrawn by order of the Stewards at 1.00pm when the gelding did not arrive on course. Trainer PK Leong was fined RM1,000/- for negligence under MRA Rule 152(5)(a) for failing to ensure that ACE KING was on course.

Trainer C Robert was fined RM100/- under MRA Rule 65(5)(c) for failing to produce the declared colours on DOUBLE RAINBOW (App R Ruwaidy).

Jockey Y Aify, the rider of HEART FEELING dropped his near side rein shortly after the start.

FAT POWER (App KC Wong) shifted in slightly racing to the 1100M, resulting in TARZAN BOY (J Low) shifting in and bumping AUDACIOUS (S Anandan) on several occasions and causing AUDACIOUS to bump with HEART FEELING. Shortly thereafter, AUDACIOUS again had to be steadied when TARZAN BOY rolled in.

Post-race veterinary examinations of TARZAN BOY, HEART FEELING and MAZANDARAN (Z Khairil) revealed no obvious abnormality. However, TARZAN BOY returned having cast its off fore plate. MAZANDARAN which raced poorly, will be required to pass a test (1000M/vet) before being declared to race again.