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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 25/11/2018
RACE 7: CLASS 3 - 1400M (SC) TIME: 15:25 PRIZE MONEY: RM$53000
Trackform号码 [1482]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:23.30
8欢乐时光 6448555.551.51粟利雅陸鎮豐10
11保罗先生 635655554.52凯利商荷华20.2
5诺雅神鹰 6851057.557.514查维斯陈仕明31
7神圣银河 6649656.556.512刘菘粱梅纳德41.5
10康达 6350255554索凡苏希华52
12精明交易 57483525311奥 查 鲁魏锣升62.2
2美特星 7051058.556.513拉齐奥莱因斯72.3
3喜事 7049058.558.56卢赛尼辛凯奇82.6
13第一区间 6551956565荷西邓德尔93.4
6独得天厚 6753857573哈密星林文通103.5
1人之旅 7150959589林上崴林伟杰115.3
9艾凡赫 6450555.555.57马礼安特威士1211.6
Trainer L Moy was fined RM250/- for negligence under MRA Rule 152(5)(a) for failing to seek the Stewards' permission for Jockey A Aucharuz to ride 1kg over on BRILLIANT DEAL.

Trainer S Dunderdale was fined RM250/- for negligence under MRA Rule 152(5)(a) for failing to fit FIRST PRECINCT (J De Souza) with the declared tongue-tie. FIRST PRECINCT therefore raced without a tongue-tie.

CONDADO (L Sofhan) was slow to begin.

Approaching the 1300M, BRILLIANT DEAL (A Aucharuz) shifted inwards causing MR SCORSESE (S Ruzaini) to check to avoid its heels. Jockeys A Aucharuz and S Ruzaini were shown the vision of this incident and were both warned by the Stewards. Jockey A Aucharuz was warned for allowing his horse to shift inside when not clear. Jockey S Ruzaini was warned for allowing his horse to run on another horse's heels when he could easily have taken corrective measures to ensure that interference did not occur. Both riders were instructed by the Stewards to display greater awareness under similar circumstances in future.

THE JEUNEYMAN (SU Lim) raced wide in the middle stages.

Approaching the 200M, FIRST PRECINCT (J De Souza) laid outwards under pressure and subsequently had to be shifted inwards to avoid the heels of D'GREAT BLESS (HS Gill).