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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 21/10/2018
RACE 11: CLASS 5 - 1800M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 17:40 PRIZE MONEY: RM$29000
Trackform号码 [1318]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:52.20
3林肯准将 4148458583查维斯梅纳德10
5乔登之星 4055957.557.57沙列邓德尔21.3
9维拉帝加 3256353.553.51卢赛尼陸鎮豐31.4
1蹄间三寻 4351059592奥 查 鲁魏锣升42.4
7高速船 39486575710荷西陸鎮豐52.5
6猎户座 4048957.555.511许俊杰莱因斯62.7
8磨金沙 3849956.554.512穆艾扎苏克里73
4林家大师 4142558559李伟杰林文通84.3
11波罗师傅 2052452526林上崴林伟杰910.1
10鬼咁精 3045152.552.55哈密星林文通1017.4
ONFLEEK (J Low) which was fractious at the starting gates, reared up and hit its head. Acting on veterinary advice that ONFLEEK was bleeding from its nostrils, the gelding was withdrawn by order of the Stewards at 5:47pm. The Club Veterinary Surgeon subsequently reported that ONFLEEK died of a suspected brain haemorrhage.

ORION (App CK Khaw) jumped inwards, causing SPEED CRAFT (J De Souza) to be taken inwards onto LIM¿S MASTER (App WK Lee) which shied inwards in response.

At about the 400M, COMMODORE LINCOLN (O Chavez) commenced to lay inwards causing VERGLATICA (S Ruzaini) to be taken inwards and the gap to narrow between VERGLATICA and JJ STAR (S Salee). At this point, SOON SEEKER (A Aucharuz) had to be eased out of the gap to avoid the heels of JJ STAR, causing GOLD MOSA (App AM Aizat) to be shifted outwards to avoid his heels.

At about the 200M, COMMODORE LINCOLN laid in abruptly under pressure despite the rider's best efforts, causing VERGLATICA to be taken inwards and SOON SEEKER to be checked to avoid the heels of VERGLATICA. At this point, ORION (App CK Khaw) was also crowded to the inside of SOON SEEKER. Jockey A Aucharuz, the rider of SOON SEEKER which finished fourth, reported that but for this incident, he would have achieved a better placing.

At about the 50M, SOON SEEKER was shifted outwards away from the heels of VERGLATICA, taking LIM'S MASTER slightly outwards towards GOLD MOSA. GOLD MOSA was then bumped inwards by SPEED CRAFT in the last few strides, causing him to abruptly cross LIM'S MASTER which clipped heels and blundered.
After reviewing the vision of this incident, it was established that no particular rider was to be blamed for this incident and as such the Stewards deemed it as a racing incident.