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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 12/05/2018
RACE 4: CLASS 4 - 1200M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 14:45 PRIZE MONEY: RM$42500
Trackform号码 [604]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:10.50
5肉骨茶 5249857.555.53甘尼斯陈仕明10
6天时地利 5247257.557.51黄锦昌莱因斯20.1
1六六大顺 55516595811凯利西华31.4
7马雷格 5247657.556.59林上崴陸鎮豐41.7
2快速罗伊 5449058.557.56卢赛尼梅纳德52.5
11迅猛 4854655.551.57乌再尔魏锣升64.8
4巴哈尔 5250857.557.514查维斯梅纳德75.6
12澳洲鹰 4644754.553.510叶建鹰林伟杰89.1
13日耳曼 5047256.556.55哈密星林文通913.4
8诺雅肯诺 51506575512法仕雷陈仕明1025.9
10不朽传承 4850955.554.52林安健林伟杰1131.4
9吉利 5046156.556.58马礼安陈泳志1237.7
Trainer W Lim was fined RM100/- under MRA Rule 65(5)(c) for failing to produce the declared colours on IMMORTAL LEGACY (App AK Lim).

GERMANIC (HS Gill) jumped outwards and brushed with LOUEY VELOCE (S Ruzaini).

IMMORTAL LEGACY jumped outwards and bumped BAKUTEH (M Ganeesh).

NOVA CANO (I Fadzlei) raced wide in the early and middle stages, and shifted out under pressure in the straight. A post-race veterinary examination of NOVA CANO revealed that the gelding bled and will be barred from racing for a period of three (3) months under MRA Rule 92(3) and thereafter will be required to pass a bleeder's test before being declared to race again.

Approaching the 600M, LOUEY VELOCE (S Ruzaini) was forced to check off the heels of LUCKY SIXTYSIX (Z Khairil) which rolled outwards briefly and then rolled back inwards.

IMMORTAL LEGACY, which was distanced, will be required to pass a 1000M/vet test before being declared to race again for having a poor performance.

When questioned, Jockey F Yap, the rider of AUSSIE EAGLE, reported that he had taken a precautionary check shortly after the start as LUCKY SIXTYSIX drifted inwards from his outside, and that at about the 800M, he had to check again to avoid the heels of RICKIE (J Mallyon).

Trainer WC Lim, the trainer of AUSSIE EAGLE, reported that it had been his intention for Jockey F Yap to ride the race from a handy or midfield position, and he felt that the early interference had left AUSSIE EAGLE too far back and caused the gelding to underperform.

When questioned, Jockey O Chavez, the rider of BAHAR, stated that from his wide draw, he had attempted to drop the horse in and ride for luck, however, he had been forced to switch wide in order to make progress approaching the 900M and had therefore found himself in the rear division. He added that BAHAR produced a disappointing response to pressure in the straight.