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马来西亚 (槟城) - 28/04/2018
RACE 4: CLASS 4 - 1200M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 15:25 PRIZE MONEY: RM$45000
Trackform号码 [553]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:11.10
8王冠 47437555410阿南丹苏克里10
9加速 4646054.554.57荷西莱因斯20.1
1荣耀之路 5547259566APP S ROSMIZAN莎莉33.1
2神偷 5451858.555.58丹尼尔莎莉43.4
3魔术奇才 5251857.554.53拉齐奥莱因斯53.7
14祥梦 4443453.551.54斐泽伍润平64.2
4吉利 5246657.555.52凯利陈泳志75.7
7阿斯雷 4846555.555.51沙列莎莉86
12母仪天下 45450545411钟杰腾 林云生96.1
6高手如林 4943156559卢赛尼罗伯斯107.4
13才华横溢 45497545413穆艾扎林云生117.6
10鬼王 4648354.554.512刘菘粱林文通128.1
11天生战士 455015453.514林安健梁保强138.6
ASPREY which was down 19kgs in body weight since its last run, was checked by the Club Veterinary Surgeon prior to the race and was passed fit to start.

CIZEN (App CK Khaw) was difficult to proceed to the start and had to be led. CIZEN will be required to pass one starting stall test (to be ridden unaided to the start) before being declared to race again.

Acting on veterinary advice that CIZEN sustained a cut on the tongue, the Stewards ordered its withdrawal at 3.31 pm. CIZEN will be required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to race again.

D'GREAT GLORY (App S Rosmizan) jumped away awkwardly and brushed BOOSTER (J De Souza).

D'GREAT TALENT (App AM Aizat) was slow into stride.

LARCENY (App J Daniel) rolled out under pressure racing to the 200M and as a result, BOOSTER had to be steadied and shifted out over the heels of RAJA MAHKOTA (S Anandan) to obtain a clear run.

Post-race veterinary examinations of LARCENY, ASPREY (S Salee) and D'GREAT EMPRESS (HK Cheng) revealed no obvious abnormality.

The Stewards adjourned an inquiry into an incident at the 800M to a date to be fixed.

Prior to the "All Clear" being given, an objection was lodged by Jockey J De Souza, the rider of BOOSTER, placed 2nd against RAJA MAHKOTA (S Anandan), being declared the winner, on the grounds of alleged interference at about the 200M. After considering the evidence, the Racing Stewards were of the opinion that the alleged interference had not affected the result of the race. The objection was overruled and the result stood.