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马来西亚 (槟城) - 25/03/2018
RACE 6: CLASS 3 - 1200M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 16:25 PRIZE MONEY: RM$80000
Trackform号码 [390]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:09.90
6有可能 66422565610B伍活罗伯斯10
9湖内之星 6548955.554.512阿南丹黄江发21
15雅诗兰黛 624855451.59拉齐奥莱因斯31.3
4天才日蚀 6849457567叶建鹰梅纳德42.1
13终极型男 6346754.551.54许俊杰莱因斯52.4
16伊登金 575105251.56黄锦昌莎莉62.5
10宝高 6450955548钟杰腾 陸鎮豐72.6
5双鱼星 6748856.555.53鲁邑文梁保强85.1
3天龙霸气 6850757555韩倪莎莉95.6
12冲锋陷阵 6352354.553.52尤斯里库切107.9
8随风 6549555.555.511马礼安伍润平119.7
7肖邦夜曲 6551555.553.513APP S ROSMIZAN莎莉1210.5
14一箭双雕 62485545414沙列莎莉1312.5
2大闪电 7048458561凯利库切1413
MIGHTY WARRIOR, a course scratching as it was sore near fore tendon, will be required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to race again.

METIER STAR, a course scratching as it had fever, will be required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to race again.

BIG LIGHTNING (Z Khairil) jumped away awkwardly and was slow into stride.

FOLLOW THE WIND (J Mallyon) was slow into stride.

MOZART ECLIPSE (F Yap) laid in under pressure from the 200M to the winning post, obliging its rider to stop riding and straighten his mount.

EATONS GOLD (App KC Wong) was unable to obtain clear running over the final 200M.

RELAU STAR (S Anandan) raced in restricted galloping room over the final 200M and brushed the running rail on several occasions.

The Stewards questioned Trainer K Coetzee into the poor performance of BIG LIGHTNING. He stated that after the poor jump, the gelding got back further than he anticipated and failed to run on. The Stewards noted his explanation. A post-race veterinary examination of BIG LIGHTNING revealed no obvious abnormality.

The Club Veterinary Surgeon reported that RELAU STAR returned having cast its near fore plate.

Jockey R Rueven, the rider of PISCES STAR, reported that his mount was not striding out freely. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no obvious abnormality.

Post-race veterinary examinations of FOLLOW THE WIND, BROWCOW (HK Cheng) and EATONS GOLD revealed no obvious abnormality. BROWCOW was Impounded for further veterinary and analytical examination.