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马来西亚 (槟城) - 11/02/2018
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1200M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 13:35 PRIZE MONEY: RM$30000
Trackform号码 [180]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:10.60
7母仪天下 4045957.556.54钟杰腾 林云生10
4好帝娃 4343259563斐泽伍润平22.3
13朗伊泰 2950552525鲁邑文伍润平32.6
1布兰切特 43501595712萨当阿斯曼44.1
10宅男 37495565510卢赛尼阿索甘54.2
6多富 41519585811索凡莎莉64.3
9风中传言 3849056.553.56丹尼尔张琼龙75.1
11高富帅 3650755.553.59哈里斯陈泳志85.9
3我为人人 4346359578凯利苏姆甘96.4
2万能钙 43448595813黄锦昌库克106.5
14华贝丽 294385251.51阿南丹苏姆甘117.5
12财源滚滚 3351454532林安健陈泳志129
5李家惊喜 4146758587沙列莎莉1313
SUPER BONUS, a course scratching as it was sore near fore fetlock, will be required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to race again.

As App P Mogun encountered transport problems en route to the Club, the Stewards permitted App KC Wong to replace him as the rider of MULTIBLUE TOSCA.

D'GREAT EMPRESS (HK Cheng) was kicked behind the barriers whilst parading. D'GREAT EMPRESS was checked by the Club Veterinary Surgeon and passed fit to race.

ONE FOR ALL (Z Khairil) and MULTIBLUE TOSCA (App KC Wong) were both slow to begin.

LEE'S SURPRISE (S Salee) was slow into stride.

ONE FOR ALL raced wide from the 700M until entering the straight.

OUR FRIENDLY DIVA (App W Faizal) laid out away from the whip and finished wider on the track.

The Club Veterinary Surgeon reported that MULTI WEALTH (L Sofhan) returned lame off fore and as such, will be required to pass a test (1000M/vet) before being declared to race again.

A post-race veterinary examination of MR JAI (S Ruzzini) revealed that the gelding returned cut into near fore frog and will be required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to race again.

Post-race veterinary examinations of MULTIBLUE TOSCA, LEE'S SURPRISE, WHISPERINTHEWIND (App J Daniel) and VALBERRY (S Anandan) revealed no obvious abnormality. MULTIBLUE TOSCA was Impounded for further veterinary and analytical examination.

The Stewards questioned Jockey S Anandan, the rider of VALBERRY into that mare's performance today. He stated that his instructions were to be midfield which was confirmed by the trainer, Mr. S Shanmugam. Jockey S Anandan then explained that the mare was fractious in the barrier, jumped away awkwardly and threw its head up and as a consequence, he was unable to be midfield as instructed. He further stated that approaching the 400M, he steadied his mount when MR JAI rolled in and from the 300M when he commenced to ride with the whip, VALBERRY only responded fairly. The Stewards noted his explanation.