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马来西亚 (槟城) - 24/09/2017
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1400M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 14:15 PRIZE MONEY: RM$30000
Trackform号码 [1200]
场地:湿地 夺标时速: 1:26.80
1菠罗宝贝 4349659586林安健伍润平10
10流星二号 3148653523蔡剑风阿索甘21
8量力而行 33507545212萨当陈泳志31.8
4尊敬你 4042557.556.510瓦南梁保强44.6
2福洲大姐 4343359567再穆丁黄江发55.4
12大展宏图 274455252.54尤斯里库切65.9
7鬼城丰都 355375554.52凯利陈泳志76.7
5魔术騎兵 3847956.556.55沙列莎莉86.9
11罗宾汉 3046652.552.58穆艾扎罗伯斯97.1
9比利斯 3245253.552.51黄锦昌莎莉107.2
6皇家选择 3846356.553.59李伟杰伍润平1113.2
GUILTLESS, a course scratching as it had sustained float injury (cut at near fore pastern, chest and forehead), will be required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to race again.

GHOST CITY (Z Khairil) was restless in the starting stall and delayed the start. Trainer J Tan was advised that a warning has been placed regarding the manners of GHOST CITY and he is to take steps to improve them, failing which action will be taken in future.

BLIXEM (App KC Wong) jumped away awkwardly and shifted in at the start.

PURPLE RAIN LADY (App A Zaimuddin), PEGASUS GENIUS (M Yusri) and BLIXEM were all slow to begin.

ROYAL CHOICE (App WK Lee) had to be steadied to avoid the heels of V RESPECT U (SS Vanan) at the 800M.

MAGIC RANGER (S Salee) had to be steadied racing to the 300M when RUBICON (App AM Aizat) rolled out.

PURLE RAIN LADY had to be steadied and shifted out across the heels of ROYAL CHOICE and PEGASUS GENIUS to obtain a clear run.

PURPLE RAIN LADY laid in at the 150M and inconvenienced ROYAL CHOICE.

GHOST CITY was disappointed for a run from the 150M to the finish when V RESPECT U laid in under pressure.

The Veterinary Surgeon reported that GHOST CITY returned cut into, off fore and off hind and will be required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to race again. The gelding was Impounded for further veterinary and analytical examination.

Post-race veterinary examinations of MAGIC RANGER and BLIXEM revealed no obvious abnormality.

The Stewards questioned Trainer B Ng into the improved performance of BABY POLO (App AK Lim). He stated that BABY POLO was down in class, had a good draw today and the gelding was suited to today¿s going. His explanation was noted.