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马来西亚 (槟城) - 11/06/2017
RACE 2: CLASS 5 - 1700M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 14:21 PRIZE MONEY: RM$28500
Trackform号码 [746]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:42.88
3秘方 43509591沙列莎莉10
5必可胜 39493574温德满依马迪20.3
12巴博亚 3044152.52哈密星库切35.6
8金战士 37517565412林安健西华47.1
9东光 3748556556S SANDANA罗伯斯57.4
10星运王 3657455.55511慕廉迪莎莉610.4
6马踏金花 3845056.555.59黄锦昌梅纳德711.7
7红利多 3851656.555.58凯利陈泳志815
1吉庆 4347059563丹尼尔阿斯曼915
2马给力 4345559585卢赛尼罗伯斯1015
4一鸣惊人 3946857547泰洋星陸鎮豐1115
11初出茅庐 314545351.510林上崴莱因斯1215

D¿GREAT OPULENT which was down 20kgs in body weight since its last run, was checked by the Club Veterinary Surgeon prior to the race and was passed fit to start.

SERPICO (TM Wan) jumped awkwardly inwards and shortly after the start, had to steady when squeezed between LUCK HAPPY (App J Daniel) and RUNFORIT (S Ruzaini).

HOME RUN HERO (App Z Khairil) was slow into stride.

Approaching the turn at about the 800M, LUCK HAPPY brushed the inside running rail when racing tight on the inside of FLEDGELING (App SU Lim) which received some pressure from RUNFORIT.

Passing the 600M, D¿GREAT SURPRISE (S Thai Yang) broke down and fell, dislodging Jockey S Thai Yang resulting in LUCK HAPPY, RUNFORIT (S Ruzaini) and FLEDGELING which were following, cannoned into the fallen horse, dislodging their respective riders. TOKO (S Sandana), BALBOA (HS Gill), D¿GREAT OPULENT (App KC Wong) and KING SAVINSKY (S Muniandy) all took evasive action during this incident. App J Daniel, Jockey S Ruzaini, App SU Lim and Jockey S Thai Yang were exempted from weighing in. App J Daniel and Jockey S Thai Yang were sent to the hospital for further observation.

Jockey S Ruzaini was stood down for the day and App SU Lim was cleared to continue riding for the remainder of the day by the Club Medical Officer.

SERPICO laid inwards over the concluding stages.

The Veterinary Surgeon reported that D¿GREAT SURPRISE fractured both fore and had to be humanely euthanized.

Post-race veterinary examinations revealed that LUCK HAPPY returned cut into both fore and RUNFORIT returned cut into near fore. LUCK HAPPY and RUNFORIT would each be required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to race again.