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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 06/05/2017
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1200M TIME: 13:15 PRIZE MONEY: RM24000
Trackform号码 [578]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:12.80
4好震动 3149857539拉齐奥莱因斯10
12溫和 174965252.511甘尼斯梅纳德20.3
3马到功成 3446558.558.58哈密星林伟杰31.8
10我到 2246152.552.54善卡苏克里42.1
1尼可飞翔 35530595810贝雷拉邓德尔52.4
8杰英勇 2749855547S SANDANA莎莉63.9
5飞龍在天 3047756.553.512克希纳莱因斯74.4
11烏達木 1943952516再利魏锣升84.7
2华贝丽 3545159581阿南丹丹尼士96.5
9阿洛 2449253.552.53卢赛尼陸鎮豐107.5
7大香槟 2748155545瓦南莱因斯118
6闪烁 2946656542林上崴西华129

GOOD VIBRATIONS (App L De Souza) which cast its off fore plate behind the barriers, had to be replated, was examined by the Club Veterinary Surgeon and passed fit to take its place in the field.

At the request of Jockey S Anandan, the saddle on VALBERRY was readjusted behind the barriers as the saddle had moved forward. VALBERRY then broke through the front gates on 2 occasions and was apprehended quickly. VALBERRY was examined by the Club Veterinary Surgeon and was passed fit to take its place in the field and reboxed. The mare will be required to pass a 1000M/vet (from the starting stall) test before being declared to race again. The Club Veterinary Surgeon reported after the race that VALBERRY returned with a cut on its left nostril. The mare will be required to undergo a veterinary examination before being declared to race again.

DRAGON WALK (App T Krisna) reared as the gated opened and as a result, began awkwardly.

VALBERRY jumped awkwardly and was slow to begin.

SPARKLER (App SU Lim) jumped outwards and inconvenienced ARLO (S Ruzaini) onto MY TOUCH (J Shankar) and as a result ARLO had to be checked by its rider.

ZAC GALLANT (S Sandana) jumped awkwardly.

DUBLEO BEAUTY (M Ganeesh), ZAC GALLANT and DRAGON WALK were all caught racing wide throughout the event.

The Stewards questioned Jockey SS Vanan and Trainer R Lines into the disappointing performance of the last start winner, CHAMPAGNE ROSE. Jockey SS Vanan stated that in his opinion, CHAMPAGNE ROSE was too long in the stalls and he placed the mare under pressure in the early stages to gain a midfield position but it failed to respond to his riding at all stages throughout the event, however in the concluding stages, the mare ran home well. Trainer R Lines explained that in the mare¿s previous race starts, it was loaded last and the mare has shown early gate speed on previous occasions. He further stated that he was disappointed with the performance. The Stewards, after viewing the official patrol films of this event and considering the evidence tendered, gave Jockey SS Vanan a ¿benefit of the doubt¿ on this occasion, however, sternly reminded him of his obligations under similar circumstances in future. A post-race veterinary examination of CHAMPAGNE ROSE revealed no significant finding.