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新加坡 - 10/11/2017
第3场: “天生飞马”2014锦标未夺标新马 (2岁及3岁) (依龄配磅赛) - 1100M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 19:20 奖金: S$75000
Trackform号码 [1408]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:07.04 分段时间:300公尺 0:19.09  500公尺 0:30.80  700公尺 0:42.58  900公尺 0:54.35  
马名 配备 马匹
10木心 052653.553.510冼文诺克莱门1-1-111:07.040
1萨塔尔 5250757579查维斯李卡都2-2-221:07.341.8
6水果冰 WK047957572罗达布隆3-3-331:08.227.1
3凯旋门 P050957578文罗彼得斯7-8-441:08.317.6
7金牛 BB047157553阿密鲁布隆8-6-551:08.398.1
4王冠之欢 BB046757561尤俊豪杨克荣5-4-661:08.428.3
5魔力 051657574沃斯特凯得4-5-771:08.448.4
8鸿福齐天 4646055.555.57纪斯霍卡 10-10-881:08.609.4
9钦点 EM048853.553.56海理伯里奇6-9-991:08.8710.9
2柏林塔 BP13747857555穆哈诺赛米9-7-10101:09.2413.2
Trainer KY Young was fined a sum of S$50 in terms of MRA Rule 65(5)(c) for failing to produce the correct colours on CROWN DELIGHT (M Ewe).

Trainer T Kieser, when questioned regarding the significant increase in the body weight of MONSTER ENERGY (B Vorster), stated that the gelding had returned from a lengthy spell and had built up significantly during this time. He added that MONSTER ENERGY was, in his opinion, fit to start. A Pre-Race veterinary examination passed MONSTER ENERGY fit to race.

CALL IT (K A'Isisuhairi), which was difficult to be loaded into the barrier, will be required to undergo barrier education to the satisfaction of the Starter prior to passing one starting stall test prior to being declared to race again in terms of MRA Rule 78(2).

Shortly after the start, MONSTER ENERGY and BERLINETTA (App S Noh) made contact.

Approximately 50m after the start, HALLELUJAH (C Grylls) eased when tightened between ARC TRIUMPH (A Munro) and CALL IT. Shortly after, ARC TRIUMPH checked when racing to the inside of SATTAR (O Chavez). An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a date to be fixed.

Near the 1000m, BERLINETTA eased when crowded between MONSTER ENERGY, which rolled outwards marginally and CALL IT, which shifted inwards and away from SATTAR.

Shortly after passing the 800m, ARC TRIUMPH got its head up after racing up onto the heels of CALL IT.

Passing the 800m, SATTAR shifted outwards abruptly when being steadied off the heels of WOODEN HEART (M Nunes), which steadied in front. This resulted in SORBETA (M Rodd) also having to be eased.