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新加坡 - 27/10/2017
第7场: 第4级 - 1100M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 21:50 奖金: S$60000
Trackform号码 [1360]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:04.16 分段时间:300公尺 0:18.79  500公尺 0:29.93  700公尺 0:41.44  900公尺 0:52.49  
马名 配备 马匹
4海盗女王 5657855.555.51冼文诺布隆2-1-111:04.160
2维迦雅 WK5953057574阿沙哈许佐扬8-8-221:04.753.5
1织梦 6149458582罗达彼得斯7-4-331:04.763.6
13亮者 SR5150253535祖格拉李卡都3-3-441:04.834.1
10号令天下 BP5248853.553.511纪斯霍卡 10-10-551:04.924.6
8精英战士 BP15348554548沙菲仕赛米11-11-661:05.075.6
9黑魔 5250953.553.510普拉瑟M尤索 6-7-771:05.125.9
6萨克拉 B, TT5553855553查维斯尚恩5-6-881:05.126
12诺雅勇士 B4541150507戴得利邱炳安9-9-991:05.166.3
7幸运叔叔 P, TT55475555112赛鲁必拿1-2-10101:05.337.3
11本能 EM5248053.553.56赛富汀马定贤4-5-11111:05.357.4
3双重彩虹 B5853456.555.59阿斯兰陈厚勤12-12-12121:05.8710.7
Trainer HK Tan, when questioned regarding the significant increase in the body weight of DOUBLE RAINBOW (E Aslam), stated that the gelding had returned from a lengthy spell and had built up significantly during this time. He added that DOUBLE RAINBOW was, in his opinion, fit to start. A Pre-Race veterinary examination passed DOUBLE RAINBOW fit to race.

After arriving at the barrier, HALO BRIGHT (N Juglall) had its saddle readjusted.

FILIBUSTER (M Nunes), which was difficult to be loaded into the barrier, will be required to pass one starting stall test prior to being declared to race again in terms of MRA Rule 78(2).

ELITE WARRIOR (R Shafiq) jumped awkwardly outwards and made slight contact with DOUBLE RAINBOW. DOUBLE RAINBOW and ELITE WARRIOR then raced tight for a short distance after the start.

DECRETO (C Grylls) was crowded on jumping between BLACK MAGIC (O Placais), which jumped awkwardly outwards and UNCLE LUCKY (App N Zyrul), which jumped awkwardly inwards.

WIJAYA (I Azhar) and SHAQRAA (O Chavez) bumped shortly after the start.

Near the 900m, ELITE WARRIOR shifted inwards and away from DECRETO, which was laying inwards and in so doing, had to be checked after becoming awkwardly placed on the heels of NOVA RANGER (D David).

NATURAL IMPULSE (I Saifudin) raced wide and had a tendency to lay outwards throughout.

NOVA RANGER was held up for clear running from the 250m until near the 200m. NOVA RANGER again had difficulty obtaining clear running over the concluding stages.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on NOVA RANGER which revealed no apparent abnormality.