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新加坡 - 01/09/2017
第6场: 第4级 - 1200M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 15:35 奖金: S$60000
Trackform号码 [1102]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:11.19 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.32  600公尺 0:35.46  800公尺 0:47.26  1000公尺 0:59.38  
马名 配备 马匹
2明道 BB5749956.556.56罗达M尤索 9-9-111:11.190
3漫步街头 B, SR5547755.555.510沃斯特李卡都5-3-221:11.341
6星际捷豹 5447755558薄奇能克莱门12-11-331:11.381.3
4中国制造 P, EM5550955.555.511纪斯彼得斯8-6-441:11.492.1
12天生战士 TT4451850495阿密鲁克莱门6-8-551:11.632.9
7松鼠特工 BP, TT54520555512文罗奥哈拉4-4-661:11.773.9
9磨金沙 5052853533赛富汀彼得斯11-12-771:11.864.4
1魔神 B, TT6148258.555.54黄俊杰柯清狄1-1-881:11.964.9
11萨克拉 B, TT4953252.549.52沙菲益尚恩10-10-991:12.075.7
8手气好 BP, SR5451455557查维斯赛米3-5-10101:12.126
10信义 TT4948552.552.59戴得利霍卡 7-7-11111:12.206.5
5胜利探戈 B5554955.555.51冼文诺马定贤2-2-12121:13.6615.3
SHAQRAA (App H Syafiq), which began awkwardly, was then bumped heavily by WINNING TANGO (M Nunes), which jumped awkwardly outwards. As a result, SHAQRAA became unbalanced and lost ground.

ASTROJET (G Boss), which was slightly slow to begin, was bumped by SHOQEET (O Chavez), which jumped awkwardly outwards.

SECRET SQUIRREL (A Munro) blundered on jumping.

Shortly after the start, BORN A FIGHTER (App I Amirul) was bumped by HADES (App CK Ng), which was bumped outwards by GOLD MOSA (I Saifudin).

Approximately 50m after the start, SHAQRAA, which was shifting outwards, was hampered by GOLD MOSA, which shifted inwards.

Near the 800m, MADE IN CHINA (C Grylls), which was racing keenly, was eased outwards after racing up onto the heels of BOARD WALK (B Vorster).

BOARD WALK raced wide throughout.

MADE IN CHINA raced wide from the 700m.

For a short distance after passing the 200m, ASTROJET had difficulty obtaining clear running.

Jockey Chavez, when questioned regarding the run of SHOQEET, stated that after beginning fairly, he placed the gelding under a little pressure to go forward. He added that SHOQEET overraced when racing inside another runner in the middle stages and because of this, was under pressure from the 500m. He further added that it was not his intention to race as forward as he was today and that gelding would be better suited racing just off the pace where it may relax better during the run. His explanation was noted. A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on SHOQEET which revealed no apparent abnormality.

App H Syafiq will be questioned regarding the run of SHAQRAA at a date to be fixed. A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on SHAQRAA which revealed no apparent abnormality.