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新加坡 - 25/08/2017
第1场: 第5级 - 1200M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 18:50 奖金: S$35000
Trackform号码 [1063]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:11.31 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.56  600公尺 0:35.73  800公尺 0:47.33  1000公尺 0:59.16  
马名 配备 马匹
2普拉特街 TT4348258583包和义必拿7-4-111:11.310
7卓越七 BB, EM4050356.556.511S约翰伯里奇1-1-221:11.571.5
10興男 B2851750.551.59冼文诺许怡9-10-331:11.712.5
8笑口常开 BP, TT3850555.555.52阿沙哈霍卡 6-2-441:11.833.3
9赤龙 P3246852.552.56普拉瑟L黎根 10-9-551:12.105.1
12蓝奔 2251050487克希纳许怡8-6-661:12.366.6
6甜蜜舞曲 TT4149557578查维斯马定贤4-8-771:12.467.1
3费迪南德 WK, EM4346658585沃斯特许怡11-11-881:12.577.9
1水经典 B43491585410古马诺L黎根 3-7-991:12.668.4
11比如说 B2749650504祖格拉奥哈拉2-5-10101:12.688.5
5诺雅勇士 B41408575612徐汉堡邱炳安5-3-11111:12.789.3
4谈判 B4152757571文罗M尤索 12-12-12121:13.0711.1
PRINCE FERDINAND (B Vorster) jumped away awkwardly and in so doing, made contact with the hindquarters of METAPHOR (N Juglall). This resulted in PRINCE FERDINAND losing ground.

Shortly after the start, DRAGON RUBY (O Placais) became unbalanced after being bumped by LAM EDITION (App T Krisna), which was carried inwards by SUGARTIME JAZZ (O Chavez).

LUCKY BOY (I Azhar) raced keenly in the backstraight.

OCEAN MASTER (App K Nuh) raced wide throughout.

Near the 250m, PRINCE FERDINAND, which was disappointed for a run, had to be then taken inwards to obtain clear running.

Shortly after passing the 200m, NOVA RANGER (App T See) and METAPHOR bumped on a couple of occasions.

Near the 150m, PRINCE FERDINAND checked when racing between LAM EDITION and SUGARTIME JAZZ. An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a date to be fixed. Shortly after, PRINCE FERDINAND was carried wider by SUGARTIME JAZZ, which had been bumped outwards by NOVA RANGER when that gelding rolled outwards.

App Nuh reported that OCEAN MASTER was not striding out freely. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormality.

Jockey Juglall reported that METAPHOR was not striding out freely. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormality.

Jockey S John, the rider of GREAT SEVEN, when questioned regarding racing in a forward position, stated that at a recent Blinker Trial, the gelding had been slightly slow to begin but had trialled well. He further stated that with no pace in today's race, he was instructed to race just off the pace. However, after beginning well from a wide barrier, he urged his mount along to obtain a position closer to the fence. However, he then found himself in the lead and racing in a more forward position than anticipated. His explanation was noted.