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新加坡 - 13/08/2017
第10场: 第4级 - 1100M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 17:45 奖金: S$60000
Trackform号码 [1026]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:04.94 分段时间:300公尺 0:18.47  500公尺 0:29.61  700公尺 0:41.15  900公尺 0:52.67  
马名 配备 马匹
5林家狂飚 P, EM5748155536潘明辉伯里奇1-1-111:04.940
2灰鹰 5948356569冼文诺陈瀠旺3-3-221:05.141.3
1科斯莫 TT6149757554扎华礼霍卡 4-4-331:05.453.1
6皇家彩虹 BP, TT5655454.554.510查维斯赛米7-7-441:05.754.9
3豪爵 B, TT5954656567B伍活马定贤2-2-551:05.855.7
8磁力 P, TT5151152508赛鲁必拿11-10-661:06.046.7
7超凡音速 EM5250752.552.51文罗凯得9-6-771:06.137.2
11星悦 WK4847150.5505沙里扎杨庆顺8-11-881:06.7711
4黑侠 B5854155.555.53普拉瑟L黎根 6-5-991:06.9412
9辛运足 5052551.551.511赛富汀彼得斯5-8-10101:07.2413.8
10明将 TT, VIS4950451482黄俊杰M尤索 10-9-11111:07.7817.1
RACE 10 [TF1026]
CLASS 4 1100M

IMPEDIMENT (App CK Ng) lost ground after beginning awkwardly.

RAINBOW ROYAL (O Chavez) and MAGNETISE (App N Zyrul) were both slow to begin.

ASTROCANDY (App S Shafrizal) and LIM'S RACER (App M Poon) bumped on jumping.

THE COSMOS (App R Zawari) and BLACK MAMBA (O Placais) bumped on jumping.

THE COSMOS, MAGNETISE and NATIVE LUCK (I Saifudin) all raced wide throughout.

ASTROCANDY laid outwards making the turn near the 800m.

GREY FALCON (M Nunes) had a tendency to lay inwards in the straight.

App Shafrizal, the rider of ASTROCANDY, reported that the gelding had returned with its saddle having shifted back during the race.


SUNDAY, 30 JULY 2017:

RACE 7 [TF0964]

An Inquiry into the run of LEGENDARY SUN (App CC Wong) was concluded on Sunday, 13 August 2017. App Wong stated that he was instructed to travel where comfortable, not to put too much pressure on the gelding in the early stages and to wait until the straight before placing it under pressure. He further stated that after jumping from an outside barrier, he was caught wide in the backstraight. Furthermore, he was then inconvenienced by another runner at the 800m and was obliged to race even wider. Then from the 700m, he was able to angle his mount inwards to obtain a position closer to the fence. He then balanced up his mount in the middle stages and commenced to ride his mount along entering the homestraight, however, when making ground, he had to check his mount near the 300m and take his mount outwards to obtain clear running. LEGENDARY SUN then ran on well under strong hands and heels riding. Trainer D Koh confirmed the instructions. He also stated that he would race the gelding with a Tongue Tie at its future starts. Whilst noting his explanation, App Wong was advised that whilst the Stewards were of the opinion that there was insufficient evidence to substantiate a charge, he was reminded to ride in a manner so as not to arouse query in future.