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新加坡 - 28/07/2017
第2场: 未夺标新马 (2岁及3岁) (依龄配磅赛) - 1400M B跑道 (长直程) (草地赛道) 时间: 19:20 奖金: S$75000
Trackform号码 [940]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:23.20 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.49  600公尺 0:36.15  800公尺 0:48.12  1000公尺 0:59.67  1200公尺 1:10.89  
马名 配备 马匹
1林家闪耀 B4649757558扎华礼伯里奇1-1-111:23.200
11杰米队长 SR053649507祖格拉李卡都4-3-221:23.210.1
7好日子 B4542649501祖利曼邱炳安5-4-331:23.260.4
4奥丽娜 BB, TT048155.555.53杜奕霍卡 3-2-441:23.894.2
6独赢 B, TT049554.554.511戴得利郭力卫 8-8-551:24.337
2江河大宝 BB4357257572纪斯莫振麟9-6-661:24.477.8
5宏图大志 4448754.554.56薄奇能克莱门11-9-771:24.548.3
10飞煌石 B0491495010黄敬权柯清狄2-5-881:24.799.8
9比波普 046649509再基高冈12-12-991:24.9510.8
8柏林塔 44480494912沙里扎赛米10-11-10101:25.2412.6
3完美女孩 BB, TT4652055.555.55S约翰伯里奇6-7-11111:25.5514.6
12金州 04264950.54沃斯特李卡都7-10-12121:27.2024.6
RACE 2 [TF0940]
(2 & 3 YEARS OLD)

BRIMSTONE (App CC Wong) was difficult behind the barrier. Trainer CT Kuah was advised that a warning has been placed on BRIMSTONE regarding its barrier manners and to take steps to improve them or action may be taken in future.

PERFECT GIRL (S John) and GOLDEN STATES (B Vorster) bumped on jumping.

AUSPICIOUS DAY (Z Zuriman) and RIVER FORTUNE (C Grylls) bumped on jumping.

BEBOP (M Zaki) was slow to begin after jumping away awkwardly.

Shortly after the start, DREAM BIG (G Boss) raced tight between PERFECT GIRL and CAPTAIN JAMIE (N Juglall), which shifted inwards and away from LIM'S SPARKLE (App R Zawari).

Near the 1200m, DREAM BIG checked when racing to the inside of ONLY WIN (D David). An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a date to be fixed.

Approaching the 1000m, GOLDEN STATES got its head up whilst being steadied off the heels of CAPTAIN JAMIE.

Jockey David, the rider of ONLY WIN, was fined a sum of S$500 under MRA Rule 152(5)(a) for dropping his whip near the 500m.

Passing the 450m BRIMSTONE shifted inwards abruptly making contact with AUSPICIOUS DAY.

ONLY WIN had a tendency to lay inwards over the final 200m.

An Objection was lodged by Jockey Juglall, the rider of second placegetter, CAPTAIN JAMIE, against LIM'S SPARKLE, being declared the winner, on the grounds of interference over the final 100m. After deliberation and considering all of the evidence, the Panel of Stewards were of the opinion that near the 100m, CAPTAIN JAMIE shifted outwards and away from LIM'S SPARKLE. Thereafter, both CAPTAIN JAMIE and LIM'S SPARKLE shifted outwards over the final 100m. Taking into account the alleged interference and the manner in which both horses finished off the race, the Panel of Stewards were of the opinion that the alleged interference had not affected the result of the race. As such, the Objection was overruled and the result stood.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on GOLDEN STATES which revealed that the horse returned not striding out freely. GOLDEN STATES, which raced poorly, will be required to pass a 1000m gallop trial and veterinary examination prior to being declared to race again.