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新加坡 - 16/07/2017
第10场: 第4级 - 1100M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 17:40 奖金: S$60000
Trackform号码 [912]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:04.68 分段时间:300公尺 0:18.29  500公尺 0:29.00  700公尺 0:40.43  900公尺 0:52.26  
马名 配备 马匹
1金河 6047557542沙霖M尤索 5-2-111:04.680
7皇家彩虹 BP, TT54560545412查维斯赛米8-6-221:04.881.3
9皇家保镖 5353653.553.53哥拉利尚恩7-8-331:05.253.6
10吉利乐胜 TT4950351.551.59海理霍卡 11-11-441:05.273.7
8神行一哥 B, TT5351053.553.510文罗奥哈拉10-9-551:05.364.2
3祝福你 BP5749755.555.54赛富汀邱炳安1-1-661:05.535.2
4我的马 5749855.555.51普拉瑟陈瀠旺4-5-771:05.545.3
6雄风 B5548354.554.55B伍活马定贤2-4-881:05.635.8
2巴纳托 TT5748855.555.56沃斯特李卡都3-3-991:05.655.9
12南帝 4855651508高德发莫振麟9-10-10101:05.726.4
5宝芝林 P, TT5748755.551.57鲁沙利陈瀠旺6-7-11111:05.796.9
11卡左 B48491515011黄敬权克莱门12-12-12121:09.7330.9

AUSPICIOUS ACE (K A'Isisuhairi), KAZUO (App CC Wong) and SOUTHERN CHIEF (TH Koh) were all slow to begin.

RAINBOW ROYAL (O Chavez) was slow into stride after jumping away awkwardly.

ROYAL GUARD (M Kellady) and RIVER OF GOLD (App Y Salim) bumped on jumping. Shortly after, ROYAL GUARD then had to be eased off the heels of BEST WISHES (I Saifudin), which shifted inwards after jumping away awkwardly.

MY HORSE (O Placais) jumped away awkwardly.

Approaching the 1000m, RIVER OF GOLD eased when crowded between MY HORSE and BEST WISHES, which shifted inwards. Jockey Saifudin was subsequently shown the film of the incident and warned to exercise greater care when shifting ground in future.

BARNATO (B Vorster) raced wide throughout.

Shortly after passing the 200m, SOUTHERN CHIEF steadied off the heels of AUSPICIOUS ACE after being carried outwards by POWER LIN (App N Nurshahril).

Near the 100m, RAINBOW ROYAL shifted inwards abruptly obliging its rider to stop riding and straighten his mount on a number of occasions.

App Wong reported that KAZUO was not striding out freely. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormality. KAZUO, which raced poorly, will be required to pass a 1000m gallop trial and veterinary examination prior to being declared to race again.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on BARNATO which revealed that the horse returned as a roarer and exhibited signs of respiratory distress after the race. The Veterinary Surgeon also advised that BARNATO had previously undergone corrective surgery for this condition. BARNATO will be required to pass a 1000m gallop trial and veterinary examination prior to being declared to race again.