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新加坡 - 07/07/2017
第6场: AUSHORSE金蹄铁锦标 2级赛 (2 YEAR OLD) (平磅赛) (2017新加坡金蹄铁锦标系列尾关) (符合资格的头马将获8万元额外奖金) (不允许骑师让磅) - 1200M A跑道 (短直程) (草地赛道) 时间: 21:20 奖金: S$325000
Trackform号码 [854]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:10.41 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.10  600公尺 0:35.18  800公尺 0:46.99  1000公尺 0:58.59  
马名 配备 马匹
2宝贝 5351956561包和义尚恩6-4-111:10.410
6闪电将军 5148356564薄奇能奥哈拉1-1-221:10.701.8
14燕跃鹄踊 B, TT5249254.554.53戴得利霍卡 2-3-331:10.933.3
5装模作样 B5245256568阿沙哈邱炳安11-11-441:11.184.8
11明日之星 BB050056562贝善利马定贤10-7-551:11.265.3
9奥古斯诺 052956566罗达布隆8-9-661:11.275.4
3横扫千军 5346856569沙菲仕霍卡 12-12-771:11.295.5
10杰米队长 SR054056565祖格拉李卡都5-2-881:11.396
15发夹 SR5047954.554.57黄敬权李卡都13-13-991:11.426.2
1兴先生 56476565613杜奕彼得斯9-10-10101:11.647.5
7摩卡星 48448565610沃斯特李卡都7-8-11111:11.748
8好日子 B47428565612文罗邱炳安15-15-12121:11.939.3
13赛菲尔 0481565616B伍活李卡都4-5-13131:12.1410.6
12来喜 0531565611查维斯赛米3-6-14141:12.1810.8
4风赢 52482565614冼文诺L黎根 14-14-15151:12.1910.9
16威震一方 BB0506515115文世英柯清狄16-16-16161:12.6513.7

SAFEER (R Woodworth) and MAKE U FAMOUS (SY Moon) both jumped awkwardly outwards.

BRINGER OF WAR (D David) jumped inwards at the start momentarily inconveniencing D'GREAT STAR (D Beasley).

AUSPICIOUS DAY (A Munro) was bumped when crowded between MR HANKS (V Duric), which jumped inwards and RAHEEB (O Chavez), which jumped outwards.

FEROCIOUS (R Shafiq) was slow into stride.

AUGUSTANO (M Rodd) and CAPTAIN JAMIE (N Juglall) bumped on a couple of occasions approaching the 1100m.

Shortly after passing the 800m, BRINGER OF WAR dipped.

WHISTLING WIN (M Nunes) and AUSPICIOUS DAY both laid outwards making the turn near the 800m.

MAKE U FAMOUS hung outwards from the 800m.

Passing the 700m, CAPTAIN JAMIE was tight for a short distance when racing between RAHEEB and BRINGER OF WAR, which rolled outwards.

Passing the 600m, AUGUSTANO, which was held up had to be eased off the heels of MOKASTAR (B Vorster).

Near the 300m, MOKASTAR momentarily eased when AUGUSTANO shifted outwards.

Near the 150m, CAPTAIN JAMIE shifted outwards abruptly. This resulted in D'GREAT STAR having to be checked outwards carrying AUGUSTANO outwards. AUGUSTANO then laid outwards, resulting in MR HANKS having to be eased off that gelding's heels near the 100m.

The Farrier reported that WHISTLING WIN returned having cast its off-fore plate.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on MR HANKS which revealed no apparent abnormality.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on FEROCIOUS which revealed that the horse returned as a roarer. FEROCIOUS will be required to pass a 1000m gallop trial and veterinary examination prior to being declared to race again.

Following the running of Race 6, Jockey R Shafiq, the rider of FEROCIOUS, was examined by the Course Medical Officer who declared him unfit to fulfil his remaining riding engagements.