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新加坡 - 18/06/2017
第6场: “快速宝贝” 2011 锦标 BM97公开赛 - 1100M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 15:55 奖金: S$100000
Trackform号码 [785]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:04.42 分段时间:300公尺 0:18.45  500公尺 0:29.30  700公尺 0:40.75  900公尺 0:52.27  
马名 配备 马匹
7皇家统领 VIS, SR7748550517沃斯特李卡都3-3-111:04.420
6七金刚 7952950.551.58文罗莫振麟1-1-221:04.430.1
4将军号 B, SR8551553.553.56祖格拉李卡都2-2-331:04.621.1
2毫无疑问 9150356.556.53薄奇能瑞尔士8-7-441:05.053.6
3好消息 B9051356564B伍活陈厚勤5-4-551:05.315.1
5一本万利 TT8058451505高德发莫振麟4-6-661:05.365.6
8顺风快 7550850501黄敬权许佐扬7-5-771:05.617.1
1奥运之歌 EM9650859592罗达彼得斯6-8-881:08.1722.9

After arriving at the barrier, ROYAL RULER (B Vorster) had its saddle readjusted.

OLYMPIC ANTHEM (M Rodd) jumped away awkwardly and in so doing, shifted outwards making contact with RAISE NO DOUBT (G Boss).

OLYMPIC ANTHEM raced keenly in the early stages.

Passing the 800m, OLYMPIC ANTHEM checked when racing between LIGHTNING FAST (App CC Wong) and GOOD NEWS (R Woodworth). RAISE NO DOUBT, which was following, was also inconvenienced in this incident. Thereafter, OLYMPIC ANTHEM hung outwards carrying RAISE NO DOUBT wider on the track. An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a date to be fixed.

Jockey Rodd, when questioned regarding the run of OLYMPIC ANTHEM, stated that after receiving interference near the 800m, his mount hung outwards badly. He then noticed that the bit had pulled through to the near-side of OLYMPIC ANTHEM's mouth. As such, he had difficulty controlling his mount and had to ease it out of the race. After reviewing the films, the Stewards confirmed that the bit on OLYMPIC ANTHEM had pulled through to the near-side of its mouth during the running of the race. OLYMPIC ANTHEM was impounded for routine veterinary and analytical examination. The Veterinary Surgeon reported no apparent abnormality.

After passing the Winning Post, App Wong, the rider of LIGHTNING FAST, dismounted from LIGHTNING FAST as the horse had returned having bled. In order not to delay the correct weight, App Wong was exempted from the weigh-in. A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on LIGHTNING FAST which confirmed that the horse returned having bled. In terms of MRA Rule 92(3), it will not be permitted to canter or gallop on the main training tracks of any racecourse for a period of two months, and may not start in any race for a period of three months, and then only after having satisfactorily passed a bleeder¿s test.