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新加坡 - 11/06/2017
第1场: 第5级 (1) - 1400M D跑道 (短直程) (草地赛道) 时间: 12:40 奖金: S$35000
Trackform号码 [752]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:22.80 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.82  600公尺 0:35.98  800公尺 0:47.41  1000公尺 0:59.07  1200公尺 1:10.59  
马名 配备 马匹
5派克 B41513565611祖格拉必拿5-3-111:22.800
3太阳帝国 SR4350257564黄敬权许佐扬1-1-221:22.971
8史翠珊 TT3944755551杜奕纳逊6-5-331:23.021.3
12登星 3650053.55412薄奇能瑞尔士10-9-441:23.031.4
10彩神 B, TT3847554.554.59文罗邱炳安8-8-551:23.534.4
11大家好 B3745854546沙菲仕霍卡 7-7-661:23.564.6
6达西之子 TT4047055.555.57包和义必拿2-2-771:23.765.9
2甜蜜舞曲 B43499575710查维斯马定贤3-6-881:23.766
4法国佳酿 4157556563哥拉利尚恩4-4-991:24.218.8
1大日神 WK4353057575罗达布隆11-10-10101:24.4510.3
7五福临门 B3951955522曾伟升柯清狄12-12-11111:24.8712.8
9坚持信念 BP, TT3950555558赛富汀奥哈拉9-11-12121:24.9213.1

Mr Mogana Selvan A/L Ramiah, Trainer S Gray's Assistant Trainer, when questioned regarding the significant increase in the body weight of TEMBUSU ESTRELA (G Boss), stated that the gelding had returned from a lengthy spell and had built up significantly during this time. He added that TEMBUSU ESTRELA had progressed well during training and had worked well. He also added that TEMBUSU ESTRELA was, in his opinion, fit to start. A Pre-Race veterinary examination passed TEMBUSU ESTRELA fit to race.

As the start was effected, ANY RUMOUR (App WS Chan) was standing awkwardly in the gate and as a result, jumped away awkwardly. Subsequent to the race, after reviewing the films and prior to the `All Clear¿ being given, the Stewards were of the opinion that ANY RUMOUR was not denied a fair start and ANY RUMOUR was declared a runner.

Shortly after the start, MR DREAMMAN (I Saifudin) eased when crowded between MAGIC PAINT (A Munro), which in turn had been carried inwards slightly by SUGARTIME JAZZ (O Chavez) and DARCI'S BOY (J Powell), which rolled outwards.

BIG REGARDS (R Shafiq), which was proving difficult to settle got its head up when steadied off the heels of DARCI'S BOY passing the 1100m.

SUGARTIME JAZZ raced wide throughout.

APOLLO (M Rodd) raced wide from the 800m.

TEMBUSU ESTRELA hung inwards passing the 200m obliging its rider to stop riding and straighten his mount.

Jockey R Shafiq reported that BIG REGARDS was not striding out freely. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormality.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on APOLLO which revealed no apparent abnormality.