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新加坡 - 23/04/2017
第6场: 第5级 (2) - 1100M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 15:10 奖金: S$35000
Trackform号码 [533]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:06.50 分段时间:300公尺 0:19.30  500公尺 0:30.70  700公尺 0:42.61  900公尺 0:54.31  
马名 配备 马匹
6幸運禮物 B30552545312祖利曼柯清狄4-3-111:06.500
4九五至尊 B, EM3351255.551.57再兰尼高冈2-1-221:06.892.3
12第二波 SR2248750501黄敬权许怡8-6-331:07.013.1
8長江 B2950753.553.58查维斯林东盛9-9-441:07.063.4
5狮威 TT3345655.555.510冼文诺克莱门7-8-551:07.123.9
7比如说 B3050054503古马诺克莱门5-5-661:07.304.9
10男人心 SR22475505011赛富汀莫振麟6-7-771:07.415.4
11日威夜威 2246850492沙菲益M尤索 3-4-881:07.445.6
2喜万能 TT3648657574杜奕杨庆顺12-11-991:07.516.1
1喜哥 B, TT3651457579贝善利M尤索 11-12-10101:07.536.3
9金元宝 B2643752525沃斯特L黎根 10-10-11111:07.838.1
3超得意 WK, TT3449256566海理陈瀠旺1-2-12121:08.2210.4
Due to a delay in the start time of Race 5, this race was put back five minutes and rescheduled to start at 1515Hrs.

METAPHOR (App K Nuh), which blundered on jumping, shifted outwards abruptly bumping HEE¿S FORTE (V Duric) out onto GOLDEN BOBO (B Vorster). HEE¿S FORTE and GOLDEN BOBO were both then severely crowded between METAPHOR and SUPER JOY (K A¿Isisuhairi), which was carried inwards by KAISER BRIGHT (App M Jailani), which in turn was carried inwards by SILENT CONNECTION (O Chavez), which shifted inwards and away from HEE¿S EGO (D Beasley). As a result of the crowding, HEE¿S FORTE and GOLDEN BOBO both had to be checked.

JACK OF HEARTS (I Saifudin) jumped inwards at the start making contact with LION WAVE (M Nunes).

Approaching the 700m, METAPHOR, which was racing keenly, was eased to avoid the heels of LUCKY COIN (App Z Zuriman), which shifted inwards. When being eased, METAPHOR shifted outwards and carried LION WAVE and JACK OF HEARTS wider.

LION WAVE, LUCKY COIN and JACK OF HEARTS all raced wide throughout.

Near the 400m, METAPHOR laid outwards and carried JACK OF HEARTS wider on the track.

Near the 200m, JACK OF HEARTS was inconvenienced by METAPHOR, which shifted outwards under pressure.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on SUPER JOY which revealed no apparent abnormality.