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新加坡 - 07/04/2017
第6场: 第5级 - 1800M (胶沙地赛道) 时间: 20:50 奖金: S$35000
Trackform号码 [450]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:52.95 分段时间:300公尺 0:19.50  600公尺 0:38.03  1000公尺 1:02.56  1200公尺 1:14.51  1400公尺 1:27.18  1600公尺 1:40.02  
马名 配备 马匹
8银河快车 B3949557577文罗高冈6-3-111:52.950
10柯蒙会 3152553506黄俊杰霍卡 2-1-221:53.221.8
3克鲁萨子 BP, TT, SR4351459553再厉霍卡 5-5-331:53.221.9
12音乐疯 B, TT2243950509赛富汀克莱门9-7-441:53.563.9
7天眼神牛 B, TT4154258584罗达布隆3-4-551:53.865.7
13拉姆西斯 B3448854.554.58S约翰邱炳安10-10-661:54.207.7
11合作愉快 B, SR274765150.55再基林东盛4-6-771:54.479.5
4林肯准将 B4346559592哥拉利尚恩7-9-881:54.5310
9飞将 B37469565610沙菲仕陈瀠旺8-8-991:55.0413
6风云见 B, TT4252558.558.51薄奇能邱炳安1-2-10101:55.5416

Acting on veterinary advice that KNIGHT SPIRIT (TH Koh) was found to be lame near-fore, the Panel of Stewards ordered its withdrawal at 2016Hrs. In terms of MRA Regulation 24.2, it must be presented to an Official Veterinary Surgeon prior to being declared to race again.

Enroute to the barrier, Jockey O Placais, the rider of CHOSEN HARVEST, was dislodged. To avoid unnecessary delay, CHOSEN HARVEST was withdrawn by order of the Panel of Stewards at 2049Hrs. Jockey Placais was subsequently examined by the Course Medical Officer who declared him unfit to fulfil his remaining riding engagements.

SPEEDY WARRIOR (R Shafiq) was slow to begin.

SUPER BUFFALO (M Rodd) and HAPPY JOY (M Zaki) bumped on jumping.

HAPPY JOY raced wide throughout.

GALAXY EXPRESS (A Munro) laid outwards making the turn into the straight.

Near the 400m, CLUTHA LAD (App Z Syed) had to be eased off the heels of POWERFUL AS WIND (G Boss), which had to be taken outwards to obtain clear running.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on POWERFUL AS WIND which revealed that the horse returned as a roarer. The Veterinary Surgeon also advised that POWERFUL AS WIND had previously undergone corrective surgery for this condition.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on SPEEDY WARRIOR which revealed no apparent abnormality.

Jockey Rodd, when questioned regarding the run of SUPER BUFFALO, stated that the gelding travelled well in the early stages however, when placed under pressure from the 800m, it ran on only fairly and disappointed. His explanation was noted. A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on SUPER BUFFALO which revealed no apparent abnormality.