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新加坡 - 19/03/2017
第2场: 公开赛 未夺标马 (依龄配磅赛) - 1400M D跑道 (长直程) (草地赛道) 时间: 13:20 奖金: S$35000
Trackform号码 [366]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:23.80 分段时间:400公尺 0:25.40  600公尺 0:37.23  800公尺 0:49.49  1000公尺 1:00.86  1200公尺 1:11.92  
马名 配备 马匹
5达西之子 TT3747558581冼文诺必拿1-1-111:23.800
1魅影 5453758587阿沙哈许佐扬3-3-221:23.870.5
11军事强大 WK424525151.53S约翰陈瀠旺4-4-331:24.011.5
2西南风 5151458582杜奕瑞尔士2-2-441:24.172.5
7巴干战者 B3143058584文罗L黎根 10-9-551:24.222.8
9比赛成名 B4146055558沙菲仕凯得5-5-661:24.232.9
4林家掌控 39517585410再厉霍卡 9-10-771:24.715.9
10金光闪闪 B434815151.59曾伟升柯清狄7-7-881:24.766.2
8坚持信念 TT051058585赛富汀奥哈拉6-6-991:24.937.2
6龍骏 TT3654458586哥拉利尚恩8-8-10101:26.4116.2
RACE 2 [TF0366]

Enroute to the barrier, SMIDDY BYRNE (App H Syafiq) was kicked by another
horse. Acting on veterinary advice, the Panel of Stewards ordered its
withdrawal at 1319Hrs. In terms of MRA Regulation 24.2, it must be
presented to an Official Veterinary Surgeon prior to being declared to race

DRAGON STEED (M Kellady) was slow to begin after being buffeted between
MR DREAMMAN (I Saifudin) and ECLAIR SHADOW (I Azhar) on jumping.

BALKAN CHALLENGER (A Munro) jumped away awkwardly.

ECLAIR SHADOW made contact with MR DREAMMAN on a couple of occasions
approaching the 1100m when racing tight to the inside of MILITARY MIGHT
(S John), which shifted inwards. Jockey John was subsequently shown the
film of the incident and warned to exercise greater care when shifting ground
in future.

Near the 1000m, MR DREAMMAN had to be eased after laying outwards and
becoming awkwardly placed on the heels of ECLAIR SHADOW, which laid
inwards. This resulted in DRAGON STEED making contact with GOLDEN
SPARK (App WS Chan) and losing ground after having to be checked.
BALKAN CHALLENGER, which was following, was also inconvenienced in this

LIMS CONTROL (App Z Syed) and GOLDEN SPARK both raced wide from the

Passing the 200m, RACE FOR FAME (R Shafiq) and MILITARY MIGHT were
both carried wider when ECLAIR SHADOW shifted outwards under pressure.

The Farrier reported that MR DREAMMAN returned having cast its off-fore

Jockey V Duric, when questioned regarding the run of LIBECCIO, stated that
the gelding travelled well when racing in a forward position, however,
disappointed when placed under pressure in the straight, it failed to run on
and compounded over the final 100m. He also added that LIBECCIO may be
better suited racing on rain affected track conditions. His explanation was
noted. A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on LIBECCIO
which revealed no apparent abnormality.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on DRAGON STEED
which revealed that the horse returned having bled. In terms of MRA Rule
92(3), it will not be permitted to canter or gallop on the main training tracks
of any racecourse for a period of two months, and may not start in any race
for a period of three months, and then only after having satisfactorily passed
a bleeders test.

Trainer B Marsh, when questioned regarding the apparent improved
performance of DARCIS BOY (M Nunes), stated that he could offer no
tangible explanation for its improved performance other than todays field
was not overly strong. In addition, since its last start, which was
disappointing, it had subsequently passed a 1000m/Vet Trial Gallop. His
explanation was noted.