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新加坡 - 19/02/2017
第7场: 第4级 (2) - 1400M C跑道 (短直程) (草地赛道) 时间: 15:45 奖金: S$60000
Trackform号码 [241]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:22.68 分段时间:400公尺 0:24.41  600公尺 0:35.66  800公尺 0:47.38  1000公尺 0:59.15  1200公尺 1:10.91  
马名 配备 马匹
9克罗 524885353.58薄奇能纳逊6-5-111:22.680
2林家子弹 BP16153857.557.55贝善利伯里奇11-9-221:22.760.5
8比利魔咒 WK, TT5346853.553.510祖格拉必拿2-2-331:22.992
3星际捷豹 6047757579冼文诺克莱门7-7-441:23.022.2
5远古战士 5556354.554.53沙菲仕霍卡 5-6-551:23.133
4春雷 56489555212曾伟升柯清狄9-10-661:23.364.3
1安利多 TT, VIS6151157.557.57巫斯义霍卡 1-1-771:23.434.8
11女王七 TT, EM4751250.550.56戴得利高冈3-4-881:23.515.3
10林肯上校 B5051952522哥拉利尚恩8-8-991:23.585.8
7澳洲鹰 5347453.553.511海理伯里奇10-11-10101:24.5711.8
6尊尼乐团 B5553954.554.51沃斯特李卡都4-3-11111:26.3522.6
RACE 7 [TF0241]
CLASS 4 1400M

Acting on veterinary advice that SKY ELEVEN (A Munro) was found to be
lame off-fore, the Panel of Stewards ordered its withdrawal at 1544Hrs. In
terms of MRA Regulation 24.2, it must be presented to an Official Veterinary
Surgeon prior to being declared to race again.

COLONEL LINCOLN (M Kellady) was slow to begin.

ANCIENT WARRIOR (R Shafiq) jumped outwards at the start bumping LIMS
BULLET (D Beasley) out onto QUEENS SEVEN (D David), which in turn made
contact with the hindquarters of EN CIVIL (G Mosse).

AUSSIE EAGLE (K AIsisuhairi) jumped awkwardly outwards and made
contact with SPRING THUNDER (App WS Chan).

Approaching the 1100m, ANCIENT WARRIOR commenced to race keenly and
became awkwardly placed on the heels of EN CIVIL, resulting in ANCIENT
WARRIOR having to be steadied. MR CROWE (G Boss) which was following
and also proving difficult to settle, had to be eased and shifted inwards
crowding COLONEL LINCOLN, which also had to be steadied.

AUSSIE EAGLE raced wide throughout.

Approaching the 600m, AUSSIE EAGLE was bumped by SPRING THUNDER
which was improving and attempting to come to the outside of ASTROJET (M

ASTROJET was carried wider making the turn into the straight when ANCIENT
WARRIOR shifted outwards to improve.

Near the 300m, MR CROWE had to be eased between QUEENS SEVEN to its
outside and BILLY MOJO (N Juglall) and EN CIVIL to its outside. An Inquiry
into this incident will be held at a date to be fixed.

After passing the 300m, ASTROJET was inconvenienced and carried wider on
the track when ANCIENT WARRIOR shifted outwards and away from QUEENS

Approaching the 250m, JOHNNY KONGOS had to be checked when racing to
the inside of MR CROWE. An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a date to
be fixed.

Approaching the 50m, QUEENS SEVEN which was inclined to lay outwards,
had to be steadied to avoid the heels of ANCIENT WARRIOR, which shifted
inwards under pressure.