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新加坡 - 05/02/2017
第9场: 第4级 - 1800M D跑道 (长直程) (草地赛道) 时间: 17:00 奖金: S$60000
Trackform号码 [189]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:46.95 分段时间:400公尺 0:25.14  800公尺 0:47.53  1000公尺 0:59.45  1200公尺 1:11.80  1400公尺 1:23.61  1600公尺 1:35.02  
马名 配备 马匹
4当然 TT5754655559罗达布隆9-10-111:46.950
10宝石 WK5248252.552.58冼文诺瑞尔士7-9-221:47.151.3
7夏日童话 5655354.554.57文罗布隆3-2-331:47.181.6
9第六感 5350953533薄奇能伯里奇8-8-441:47.352.6
1诺曼公爵 61521575712杜奕马定贤10-3-551:47.503.6
6奇幻都市 B5652654.554.510普拉瑟瑞尔士2-5-661:47.584.1
2林家梦境 B, TT5952156565贝善利伯里奇5-4-771:47.604.3
11少爷威威 B5145652512黄敬权马定贤11-11-881:47.624.4
3五角形 B5952556561森姆许怡6-7-991:47.714.9
5有钱途 TT, VIS57589555511沃斯特纳逊1-1-10101:47.725
8比利魔咒 WK, TT5546654544祖格拉必拿4-6-11111:47.956.5
12玉龙皇帝 B4846350.5516赛富汀许佐扬12-12-12121:49.1413.8
RACE 9 [TF0189]
CLASS 4 LC (D) 1800M

PENTAGON (S Sam), ARR FLAIR (G Boss), GOOD DEAL (App CC Wong) and
YU LONG EMPEROR (I Saifudin) were all slow to begin.

bumped on jumping.

Near the 1600m, YU LONG EMPEROR had to be eased to avoid the heels of
CERTAINLY (M Rodd), which shifted inwards. Jockey Rodd was subsequently
shown the film of the incident and warned to exercise greater care when
shifting ground in future.

DUKE OF NORMANDY (V Duric) and LIMS ELUSIVE (D Beasley) both raced
keenly in the early stages.

Approaching the 800m, BILLY MOJO (N Juglall) shifted outwards to improve
and in so doing, carried LIMS ELUSIVE wider on the track. Thereafter, LIMS
ELUSIVE raced wide for the remainder of the race.

Near the 500m, LIMS ELUSIVE and BILLY MOJO raced tight and brushed on
two occasions due mainly to BILLY MOJO shifting outwards again carrying
LIMS ELUSIVE wider on the track.

Near the 200m, BILLY MOJO shifted inwards and bumped CITY OF

Near the 150m, BILLY MOJO and CITY OF KIRKWALL were both crowded for
room between ARR FLAIR, which initially shifted outwards slightly and LIMS
ELUSIVE, which shifted inwards slightly.

Jockey Duric, when questioned regarding the performance of DUKE OF
NORMANDY, stated that from the wide barrier, he elected to come back and
obtain cover, however, the gelding raced keenly whilst racing behind
CERTAINLY. He added that he then shifted DUKE OF NORMANDY outwards
near the 800m in an attempt to improve gradually into the race, however,
the gelding again commenced to race keenly and improved into the race
quicker than he would have liked. He further added that in his opinion, DUKE
OF NORMANDY would be better suited racing in a more forward position now
that the gelding is stepping up in distance. His explanation was noted. A
subsequent veterinary examination was requested on DUKE OF NORMANDY
which revealed no apparent abnormality.

Jockey Beasley, when questioned regarding the performance of LIMS
ELUSIVE, stated that the gelding overraced early and was carried wider by
BILLY MOJO near the 800m and again carried wider by BILLY MOJO making
the hometurn. He added that LIMS ELUSIVE failed to finish the race off as
expected and in his opinion, LIMS ELUSIVE may not run a strong 1800m.
His explanation was noted. A subsequent veterinary examination was
requested on LIMS ELUSIVE which revealed no apparent abnormality.