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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 26/11/2016
RACE 5: CLASS 4 - 1200M (SC) TIME: 16:00 PRIZE MONEY: RM49000
Trackform号码 [1490]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:10.30
2鼎鼎大名 6148259596荷西莱因斯10
1彩利多 61488595810钟杰腾 詹森20.5
12只要钱 4745152528祖菲立西华33.3
3好希望 5947158567凯利罗伯斯43.6
4圣城 5851257.555.59瓦南西华53.8
5宝宝动员 5553556561哈密星陸鎮豐64.6
6圣旋 55532565512卢赛尼梅纳德75.1
11瑞士银行 4852152.550.52李伟杰林文通86.4
7鬼城丰都 5252854.553.54S SANDANA陈泳志97.4
10小飞象 494605352.511林上崴林伟杰107.7
8黑曜石 5146154543索凡陈仕明119.7
RACE 5 (R1490) CLASS 4  1200M (SHORT COURSE A)

App S Zulfikri, the rider of ITS ONLY MONEY, was fined RM100/- for negligence under
MRA Rule 152(5)(a) for failing to claim.

SACRED CITY (SS Vanan) became very fractious when entering the barrier stalls and
reared on numerous occasions resulting in assistance needed from the Barrier Handlers.

MR PAULANDRE (R Woodworth) became fractious resulting in Jockey R Woodworth
standing on the uprights. Prior to Jockey R Woodworth remounting the gelding, the start
was effected and as a result, MR PAULANDRE jumped without its rider. An
announcement was made immediately following the running of the event that tickets of all
patrons should be held as the Stewards wished to view the official start of the event.
The Stewards, in the presence of Jockey R Woodworth, Trainer D Murphy, Dr Silamban
Subbarao (Chief Starter), Mr Tasharizal Bin Mohd Tahir (Assistant Starter) and Dr Shri
Kanth (Chief Veterinary Surgeon), viewed the official start and the Stewards were satisfied
that Jockey R Woodworth was not aboard the gelding when the start was effected. In terms
of MRA Rule 117(6), MR PAULANDRE was declared a non-runner and all bets to be
refunded. A public announcement was made to that effect.

LITTLE JUMBO (App SU Lim) and LUCKY DAPPER (HK Cheng) bumped upon

Approaching the 1100M, SHINING GLORY (J De Souza) shifted inwards despite the
efforts of its rider resulting in GHOST CITY (S Sandana) being taken in onto BLACK
FIERY (L Sofhan) and COMONBABY (HS Gill) and as a result, GHOST CITY and
COMONBABY bumped. Jockey J De Souza was shown the official patrol film of the
incident and reminded of his obligations.

Approaching the 900M, the riderless MR PAULANDRE shifted out and inconvenienced

Over the concluding stages, SWISS BANK (App WK Lee) shifted in and inconvenienced

The Stewards questioned Trainer C Leck and Jockey HS Gill on the disappointing
performance of the favourite, COMONBABY. Jockey HS Gill stated that after jumping
well, his instructions were to gain a midfield trailing position and this was confirmed by
the Stewards from the Trainers Instruction Form. He stated that approaching the 800M, he
attempted to improve his position, however, the gelding failed to respond to his riding and
in the home straight, it ran home fairly.
Trainer C Leck could not offer any real explanation for the disappointing performance and
stated that the gelding had worked extremely well throughout the week and he expected a
good performance. He further stated that he only had the gelding for a short time and it is
its second run for his stable and he is still trying to work the gelding out.
He also informed the Stewards that he believed COMONBABY may be better suited to
longer distance races and he has been riding the gelding in its trackwork and was confident
leading into this event.
The Stewards, after reviewing the official patrol film and acting on their own observations,
were not entirely satisfied with the geldings performance and advised Trainer C Leck that
the Stewards would be monitoring this horses future starts. The Stewards further informed
Trainer C Leck to report back to the Stewards if there is anything amiss with the gelding
on returning to his stable. A post-race veterinary examination of COMONBABY revealed
no significant finding. Their explanations were noted for future reference.