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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 05/11/2016
RACE 3: CLASS 4 - 1300M (SC) TIME: 14:30 PRIZE MONEY: RM$49000
Trackform号码 [1403]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:18.40
11心想事成 4446256539萨当西华10
2加快 504855956.511法鲁丁丹尼士20.1
5只要钱 4745257.553.53许俊杰西华30.9
1日蚀之星 5043259595荷西梅纳德41.4
4马到功成 48464585812艾菲西华52.4
8大好机会 46489575710韦尔纳西华62.6
3破晓时分 4947758.558.58刘菘粱莎莉73.1
6机密 4748457.554.57祖菲立莱因斯85.1
12诺雅天使 4442856544再穆丁林文通96.9
13背包客 4448856542瓦南西华109.2
10我独行 4554556.554.51林上崴莱因斯1112.5
9快乐飞翔 4546556.553.56克希纳莱因斯1223
RACE 3 (R1403) CLASS 4  1300M (SHORT COURSE A)

Approaching the 1000M, HAPPY FLYING (App T Krisna) had a tendency to race
fiercely, got its head up and had to be restrained by its rider, off the heels of runners in

Approaching the 1000M, DGREAT VICTORY (Y Aify) bumped with
KEEPITCONFIDENTIAL (App S Zulfikri) on a couple of occasions resulting in
KEEPITCONFIDENTIAL shifting inwards.

HAPPY FLYING, DGREAT VICTORY and GAZOO (App R Fakruddin) were caught
racing wide throughout.

Approaching the 200M, PRE DAWN (J Low) shifted out under pressure abruptly resulting
in ECLIPSE STAR (J De Souza) being taken out onto GRANDE AFFARE (M Wepner).

Over the concluding stages, HAPPY FLYING shifted in under pressure.

The Stewards questioned App R Fakruddin, the rider of GAZOO, in the presence of his
Master, Trainer R Jensen, into the reasons why over the concluding stages, he looked over
his shoulder on 2 occasions.
After taking evidence from both parties and viewing the official patrol films and
considering the evidence tendered, App R Fakruddin was issued with a charge under the
provisions of MRA Rule 44(6).
After hearing further evidence from Trainer R Jensen and App R Fakruddin, the Stewards
amended the charge and issued a charge under provisions of MRA Rule 44(10). The
particulars of the charge were that over the concluding stages, App R Fakruddin looked
over his shoulder on 2 occasions which was not to the satisfaction of the Stewards. The
Stewards took into consideration that App R Fakruddin did not stop riding.
In assessing the penalty, the Stewards took into consideration App R Fakruddins
mitigating factors, previous good riding record and his submissions on penalty. He was
suspended from riding in races for a period of one (1) month with effect from 6 November
2015 and to expire on 5 December 2016, both dates inclusive. He was advised of his Right
of Appeal (5:10pm). It is noted that the Chief Stipendiary Steward excused himself during
this inquiry.