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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 05/11/2016
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1400M (SC) TIME: 13:30 PRIZE MONEY: RM$22000
Trackform号码 [1401]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:25.00
5黎明世界 3248757.555.512林上崴林伟杰10
9初鸣 2742855523萨当魏锣升22.3
3量力而行 3351658578阮德利陈泳志33.6
10保持特快 2543554549刘菘粱V布根44.9
1千奇百怪 3550559556许俊杰西华55
8哈宝贝 2845455.555.510索凡梅纳德65.8
2大香槟 3347258552祖菲立莱因斯77.1
6快乐美歌 3147057571荷西莱因斯87.3
12世界第一 164305250.55李伟杰苏克里97.6
11好码 2449253.553.57哈密星陈泳志1012.9
4卷云 3249057.555.54谭健聪林文通1121.2
7雪莉 29501565411林安健林伟杰980
RACE 1 (R1401) CLASS 5  1400M (SHORT COURSE A)

BERNI DANCER (J Low) was very fractious in the barrier prior to jumping and required

TAKE A BOW (App S Saddam) jumped outwards and MAN OF THE WORLD (App WK
Lee) jumped inwards resulting in CIRRUS (App KC Tham) being severely checked by its
rider and losing ground.

VICTORY MARCH (C Goon) and HAHA BABE (L Sofhan) were both caught racing
wide throughout the event.

CIRRUS which was beaten 21 1/2 lengths, will be required to pass a 1000M/vet test before
being declared to race again for having a poor performance.

The Stewards took initial evidence from Jockey J De Souza, the rider of HAPPY AMIGO,
into an incident at the 1000M mark where App AK Lim, the rider of SHIRLEY BEAUTY,
was dislodged from his horse. App AK Lim was exempted from weighing in and
subsequently sent to hospital for observation. The Stewards adjourned the inquiry to allow
App AK Lim to attend the inquiry along with his Master, Trainer WC Lim.

At the conclusion of an inquiry, Jockey C Goon, the rider of VICTORY MARCH, pleaded
guilty to a charge of careless riding under MRA Rule 44(9)(a)(ii) in that approaching the
100M, he shifted out off the back of BERNI DANCER (J Low) and as a result, ALIEN
(App CK Khaw) had to be severely checked by its rider to gain a clear run. ALIEN and
TAKE A BOW (App S Saddam) both suffered interference in this incident.
In assessing the penalty, the Stewards took into consideration Jockey C Goons guilty plea,
mitigating factors, previous riding record and his submissions on penalty. Acting on the
provisions of MRA Rule 48(5), the Stewards deferred the commencement of Jockey C
Goons suspension. He was suspended from riding in races for a period of four (4)
Malaysian race days with effect from 7 November 2016 and to expire on 26 November
2016, both dates inclusive. He was advised of his Right of Appeal (4:45pm).