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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 29/10/2016
RACE 5: CLASS 4 - 1100M A(SC) TIME: 16:00 PRIZE MONEY: RM49000
Trackform号码 [1368]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:05.90
4永不放弃 4744657.557.51荷西莱因斯10
2中土魔 4849558562林上崴林伟杰22.3
11有可能 4442256564韦尔纳罗伯斯33.6
7大好机会 4649257566叶剑鹰西华43.7
5林家任务 4748357.557.58哈密星林文通54.5
3只要钱 48454585510祖菲立西华64.6
9掌舵人 4544556.5545再穆丁林文通74.8
8背包客 4648757579刘菘粱西华85.1
10奥古斯塔 4445356567何室楼莱因斯913.6
6痞子英雄 4743257.554.53凯利莎莉980
RACE 5 (R1368) CLASS 4  1100M (SHORT COURSE A)

App A Zaimuddin was fined RM100/- for negligence under MRA Rule 152(5)(a) for
failing to utilize his claim fully on STEERING.

The announcement of All Clear was delayed as the Stewards wished to view the official
patrol film of the start as to see if RUFFLE THE RUFFIAN (App Z Khairil) was denied a
fair start. Upon viewing the official patrol film in the presence of Trainer S Hamilton, App
Z Khairil, Dr Silamban Subbarao (Chief Starter) and Mr Tasharizal Bin Mohd Tahir
(Assistant Starter), it was established that the mare became fractious in the barriers and as
the start was effected, reared, jumped awkwardly and shifted in abruptly and as a result,
dislodged its rider. As this incident was merely caused by the mares barrier manners, the
Stewards deemed RUFFLE THE RUFFIAN a runner and the announcement of All Clear
was given. RUFFLE THE RUFFIAN will be required to pass a 1000M/vet (from the
starting stall) test before being declared to race again.

PROBABLY (M Wepner) was slow to begin.

Upon jumping, AUGUSTA (Lou Ho) jumped outwards and bumped LIMS MISSION (HS

Leaving the 400M, LIMS MISSION laid in under pressure when being struck with the
whip resulting in the rider having to stop and straighten.

Over the final 200M of the event, LIMS MISSION raced greenly and laid in resulting in
the rider having to stop and straighten which placed the gelding at a disadvantage for the
remaining part of the event.

Over the final stages of the event, PROBABLY shifted out abruptly when LIMS
MISSION laid in under pressure resulting in ITS ONLY MONEY (App S Zulfikri) being
placed in restricted racing room.

App S Zulfkri, the rider of ITS ONLY MONEY, reported that his horse did not handle the
yielding going.

App A Zaimuddin, the rider of STEERING, reported that his horse raced greenly