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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 29/10/2016
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1200M A(SC) TIME: 13:45 PRIZE MONEY: RM22000
Trackform号码 [1364]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:12.60
2正经八百 3550259555再穆丁西华10
9纳诺王子 2643254.553.511祖菲立莱因斯20.5
8英国梦 2746455553善卡魏锣升32.3
10向您敬礼 2250452.549.54萨当西华43.1
12文莱故事 174365251.59李伟杰魏锣升53.2
3福士宝藏 3446758.558.58荷西莱因斯64.7
7中国剪影 2750255546叶剑鹰魏锣升75.7
4别叫安哥 3349258581何室楼林伟杰87
5海豹王 29471565410谭健聪林文通97.2
11闪电皇后 214955251.512林上崴林伟杰107.5
1我忘了 3549259552许俊杰莱因斯117.7
6安心宝 2847155.555.57刘菘粱梅纳德1212.2
RACE 1 (R1364) CLASS 5  1200M (SHORT COURSE A)

App S Zulfikri was fined RM100/- for negligence under MRA Rule 152(5)(a) for failing to
utilize his claim fully on PRINCE NANO.

KING OF SEAL (App KC Tham) jumped awkwardly and was slow to begin.

FOX TREASURE (J De Souza) was slow to begin. The Stewards were mindful of this
geldings previous barrier manners.

Prior to the gates opening, LIGHTNING QUEEN (App SU Lim) was restless in the
barriers and dropped its head as the gates opened which resulted in the mare being slow to

Approaching the 1000M, ENGLISH DREAM (J Shankar) was racing fiercely between
runners and raced ungenerously for a short distance.

KIM SALUTE (App S Saddam) was momentarily held up for a clear run at approximately
the 200M and had to shift in to obtain a clear run.

The Stewards questioned Jockey Lou Ho and Trainer W Lim into the tactics that were
adopted on DONTCALLME UNCLE in particular why from Barrier 1 and after jumping
well and gaining a favourable position, he failed to hold his position approaching the
1000M and lost some ground at this point when in the opinion of the Stewards, it may have
been detrimental to his chances. Jockey Lou Ho reported that in his opinion, the early
quick pace of the race was not suitable to the horses racing pattern and further stated that
he was riding to the Trainers instructions to obtain a midfield position as it had shown in
its previous races that this was the best way of riding it. Trainer W Lim agreed with his
Jockeys comments and further stated that in its previous races, it has not shown any good
form when being on the pace as was the case in todays event. He further explained that he
was happy with the ride of his jockey. The Stewards, after reviewing previous official
patrol films of the gelding, acting on their own observations and after considering the
evidence tendered, gave Jockey Lou Ho a benefit of the doubt, however warned both
Jockey Lou Ho and Trainer W Lim that the Stewards will be monitoring the horses future
performances. Their comments were noted for future reference.

The Stewards took evidence from Jockey J Low, the rider of FOREVER NICE, and App S
Saddam, the rider of KIM SALUTE, in the presence of his Acting Master, Trainer PS
Kumaran, into an incident approaching the 1000M. At the conclusion of the inquiry,
Jockey J Low pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under MRA Rule 44(9)(a)(ii) in
that approaching the 1000M, he shifted in when insufficiently clear of KIM SALUTE (App
S Saddam) resulting in that horse clipping his horses heels and blundering.
In assessing the penalty, the Stewards took into consideration Jockey J Lows guilty plea,
mitigating factors, previous riding record and his submissions on penalty. Acting on the
provisions of MRA Rule 48(5), the Stewards deferred the commencement of Jockey J
Lows suspension. He was suspended from riding in races for a period of two (2)
Malaysian race days with effect from 6 November 2016 and to expire on 13 November
2016, both dates inclusive. He was advised of his Right of Appeal (2:35pm).