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马来西亚 (槟城) - 15/10/2016
RACE 5: CLASS 4 - 1400M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 16:00 PRIZE MONEY: RM$51000
Trackform号码 [1301]
场地:烂地 夺标时速: 1:30.90
4飞天传奇 5748657574沙列莎莉10
12靓仔叻 49435535311S SANDANA阿索甘24.8
14心想事成 44463525213刘菘粱西华37.1
1摩根自豪 6146459582钟杰腾 林云生48.4
17布雷蒙 554505653.51泰洋星莎莉59.7
15五郎神驹 444665251.56再利马安娜610.2
5馬達 5649056.556.515韦尔纳罗伯斯712.2
6保罗先生 5654756.556.510荷西马丹尼814
16波罗师傅 4451752518林安健林伟杰915.8
10多富 5250654.5525凯利莎莉1017.3
11魔术行家 5052753.553.59善卡魏锣升1117.5
3只有你 595025854.512沙迪亚库克1219
2超级富 5951958573黄锦昌张琼龙1319.1
9蓝山 5248054.551.514李俊德林云生1419.3
13黄金舞者 4746352497纳德兰罗伯斯1527.3
RACE 5 (R1301) CLASS 4 - 1400M

MAGICAL BANKER which was up 17kgs in body weight since its last run, was checked
by the Club Veterinary Surgeon prior to the race and was passed fit to start.

Emergency acceptor, LA FAMILIA was withdrawn due to a capacity field.

GERMANIC, a course scratching as it had sustained a nail prick off hind foot, will be
required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to race again.

The Stewards ordered the withdrawal of DGREAT BATTALION (Lou Ho) at 3.10 pm
acting on veterinary advice that the gelding sustained a cut into its off knee. DGREAT
BATTALION will be required to pass a veterinary examination before being declared to
race again.

At the start, MOGANS PRIDE (HK Cheng) jumped awkwardly outwards onto
BEYOND WEALTH (App KC Wong) and ASTRO FAME (S Salee) which were

At about the 1200M, BEYOND WEALTH steadied when racing up onto the heels of

ONLY YOU (App M Sathiaa) and GOLD DANCER (App R Narendran) were both
caught five wide on the turn at the 600M.

The Veterinary Surgeon reported that GOLD DANCER returned having cast its off hind

App M Sathiaa, the rider of ONLY YOU, Jockey J De Souza, the rider of MR
PAULANDRE and Jockey M Zairi, the rider of MARIO ATTILA, all reported that their
respective mounts did not handle the heavy track.

App AK Lim, the rider of POLO MASTER, reported that his mount was not striding out
freely. A post-race veterinary examination revealed that POLO MASTER returned with
epiglottis entrapment and as such, will be required to undergo corrective surgery and
thereafter pass a test (1000M/vet examination) before being declared to race again.

Post-race veterinary examinations of MR PAULANDRE and BEYOND WEALTH
revealed no obvious abnormality. BEYOND WEALTH was Impounded for further
veterinary and analytical examination.