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马来西亚 (槟城) - 04/09/2016
RACE 4: CLASS 3 - 1400M TIME: 15:45 PRIZE MONEY: RM75000
Trackform号码 [1127]
场地:湿地 夺标时速: 1:26.80
4爱华乐 6748955.555.52哈密星V布根10
10时势英雄 6449354543何室楼V布根23
6得到乐趣 6543654.552.55黄锦昌库克34.5
3快飞 7046357554沙里扎陈泳志44.8
1幽灵队长 7448859581阮德利黄江发55.1
9大自然 6449954548钟沂沺梁保强66.9
5好妈妈 6746955.555.56荷西莱因斯77.1
8梅西 6455054539凯利V布根88.1
11九皇冠 625245351.57谭健聪林文通910.9
2洪荒之力 70487575510林安健阿斯曼1020.9
RACE 4 (R1127) CLASS 3 - 1400M

AUDACIOUS, a course scratching as it was sore off fore foot, will be required to pass a
veterinary examination before being declared to race again.

At the start, GOOD MUMMY (J De Souza) and Q NINE MAX (App KC Tham) came

Shortly after the start, MESSI (App Z Khairil) and NATURE IS NATURE (KT Cheng)
bumped when tightened on the inside of FIELD FORCE (App AK Lim) which laid
inwards. App AK Lim was shown the video replay and warned that under similar
circumstances, he would be expected to make more attempt to keep his horse on a
straight course in future.

Rounding the home turn, SPEED FLYING (App S Shafrizal) checked off the heels of
FIELD FORCE which was losing speed. Shortly afterwards, GET THE LOTSKI (App
KC Wong) steadied off the heels of FIELD FORCE which continued to drop back.

Jockey J De Souza, the rider of GOOD MUMMY, reported that his mount did not act in
todays going.

A post-race veterinary examination of FIELD FORCE and MESSI (App Z Khairil)
revealed no obvious abnormality. FIELD FORCE which raced poorly after winning its
previous race, will be required to pass a test (1000M/vet) before being declared to race
again. FIELD FORCE and MESSI were both Impounded for further veterinary and
analytical examination.

Trainer N Azman, when questioned regarding the poor performance of FIELD FORCE
which finished a long last, advised the Stewards that he had no explanation for the poor
run as the horse had been working and feeding well. Trainer N Azman was advised to
report back to the Stewards if he finds anything amiss with CANDY CRUSH during the