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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 14/05/2016
Trackform号码 [615]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:24.50
8彩虹知新 205005252.56甘尼斯林伟杰10
2铁扇公主 3447358.556.510S SANDANA翟民20.8
4真传统 2751655534林上崴林伟杰34.1
6起飞 2651854.5528穆艾扎詹森46.4
7世界第一 2042052501纳华威特威士57.2
11特密 1649352527韦尔纳陈仕明69.7
10巨势 1651852522刘菘粱莱因斯710.2
9沙家之速 1846952509菲尔祖林文通810.7
3好搭档 2746555555何室楼林伟杰910.9
5文莱故事 2642454.554.53善卡魏锣升1013.4
1马上封侯 35480595911荷西莱因斯1122.2
RACE 1 (R615) CLASS 5  1400M (LONG COURSE B)

FLY NOW (App AM Aizat) jumped with its head in the air and was slow to begin.

SAGARS EXPRESS (App A Farezul) had a tendency to race fiercely in the early stages
and got its head up.

RISE UP THE RANK (J De Souza) and SAGARS EXPRESS were both caught racing 3-
wide throughout the event.

Approaching the 500M, ENCOSTA ZONE (S Sandana) raced keenly and as a result,
clipped the heels of TRUE HERITAGE (App SU Lim).

SAGARS EXPRESS had a tendency to lay in at the 200M resulting in the rider having to
stop and straighten.

The Stewards questioned Trainer R Lines and Jockey J De Souza into the disappointing
performance of RISE UP THE RANK in todays event. Jockey J De Souza stated that from
a wide barrier, he found himself racing 3-wide throughout the event and placed the gelding
under pressure at the 500M, however, the gelding failed to respond in particular over the
200M and finished at the rear of the field. He further stated that he could not offer any
further explanation.
Trainer R Lines explained that he was also at a lost to explain the disappointing
performance as RISE UP THE RANK had worked extremely well throughout the week,
however, stated that carrying top weight may have contributed to the disappointing
performance. The Stewards noted their explanations for future reference. A post-race
veterinary examination of RISE UP THE RANK revealed that it returned with a cut on the
left commisure of the mouth. The gelding which was beaten 22 ½ lengths, will be required
to pass a 1000M/vet test before being declared to race again for having a poor performance
and was impounded.

The Stewards questioned Trainer W Lim into the improved performance of RAINBOW
FUTURE (M Ganeesh) in todays event. Trainer W Lim reported that in his opinion, a
change to a new rider, coupled with the fact that the gelding had worked extremely well in
its trackwork throughout the week, may have contributed to the improved performance.
Trainer W Lim further stated that there was some stable support and the gelding was down
17kgs in its body weight as he has stepped up its work. He further stated that he was
surprised with the improved performance of RAINBOW FUTURE and could not offer any
further explanation. The Stewards noted his comments for future reference and his
attention was drawn to the Rules regarding in and out running.

The Stewards questioned App AM Aizat, the rider of FLY NOW, in the presence of his
Master, Trainer R Jensen, into his vigour in the home straight in todays event. App AM
Aizat stated that the gelding is a one-paced horse and he believed that he could not show
more vigour than what he did on this occasion as the gelding was changing strides
numerous times in the home straight. Trainer R Jensen reported that FLY NOW has
problems with its joints and is having its first start for the stable, and was pleased with the
run given its previous performances.
The Stewards, after viewing the official patrol films, noted their comments for future
reference, however, warned App AM Aizat that in future he would be expected to ride all
his horses out in such a manner so as to leave no room for query.