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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 12/03/2016
RACE 6: CLASS 4 - 1600M (LC) TIME: 16:00 PRIZE MONEY: RM$49000
Trackform号码 [348]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:36.80
4雅诗兰黛 5647557.557.56荷西莱因斯10
9五福旺财 5045254.554.52哈密星林文通22.5
7高度戒备 5550657553林安健马安娜34.8
6火圈 5647657.555.55林上崴翟民45
3梅西 5754258558沙里扎V布根55.3
11嘿老友 4843853.550.512斐泽魏锣升65.8
2最驚喜 59495595613布卡里林文通76.6
12大惊喜 4754653531韦尔纳特威士87.1
13山帝威力 4546952527刘菘粱莱因斯98.6
8九皇军 5046054.5524再穆丁林文通1011.4
1惊醒 5946759569祖菲立菲爱华1112.9
5有意思 5643257.557.511何室楼梅纳德1218.4
10大惊奇 5049254.554.510奥莱希魏锣升1326.7
14长跑健将 44460525114穆艾扎阿索甘1427.2
RACE 6 (R348) CLASS 4  1600M (LONG COURSE B)

MARATHON LAD (App AM Aizat) was very slow to begin.

FULL MEANING (Lou Ho) jumped awkwardly, shifted outwards and inconvenienced
HEIRRO (App W Faizal).

Upon jumping, AWAKENED (App S Zulfikri) was inconvenienced when MESSI (App S
Shafrizal) jumped outwards and SURPRISE SURPRISE (R Olechea) jumped inwards.

Approaching the 1000M, SPIN FIRE (App SU Lim) had a tendency to over-race and had to be
eased off the heels of the leader, SANDY MIGHT.

SURPRISE SURPRISE which was beaten 27 lengths, will be required to pass a 1000M/vet
test before being declared to race again for having a poor performance.

Trainer T Asogan approached the Stewards in relation to the reason why MARATHON LAD
was very slow to begin and why the Starter failed to let the horse to be loaded last as requested
by the Trainer. The Stewards advised Trainer T Asogan, in the presence of Chief Starter, Dr
Silamban Subbarao and Assistant Starter, Mr Tasharizal Bin Mohd Tahir, that there were
seven (7) horses with requests from their Trainers to be loaded late/last and that the standard
procedure is left to the Starters discretion. Dr Silamban stated that he was not aware of this
horses behavior and if he had known, he would ensure that the Trainers request be acceded
to. Trainer T Asogan was advised that the Stewards placed a warning on this horse and he
must improve its barrier manners, or action may be taken against the gelding.