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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 10/01/2016
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1600M (LC) TIME: 13:35 PRIZE MONEY: RM22000
Trackform号码 [51]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:37.60
7金帝娃 2750055535S RUZAINI苏克里10
3小港王 33498584荷西莱因斯20.8
10博闻小子 19448528韦尔纳魏锣升34.6
2格尔少爷 3446258.557.51阮德利马丹尼44.8
5烏達木 3043256.553.56APP P DENESKUMAR魏锣升55.1
9也南出击 204305251.53林上崴林伟杰65.4
8世界第一 2643354.552.59穆艾扎苏克里78.2
11龙八 184845252.52何室楼林伟杰89.5
1小人物 35459595710韩倪陈仕明913.5
12法国快车 164305251.511沙里扎罗伯斯1014.5
4易多 3152957537哈里斯西华1121.8
RACE 1 (R051) CLASS 5  1600M (LONG COURSE B)

DRAGON EIGHT (Lou Ho) jumped awkwardly.

JERAM STRIKE (App SU Lim) was slow to begin and had a tendency to over-race in the
early stages of the event.

BOWEN LAD (M Wepner) jumped awkwardly resulting in the rider in becoming unbalanced.

Approaching the 400M, AMONGST THE STARS (App P Deneskumar) had a tendency to lay
in despite the efforts of its rider. AMONGST THE STARS laid in for the majority of the

Approaching the 300M, MAN OF THE WORLD (App AM Aizat) and DRAGON EIGHT had
tendencies to lay out under pressure resulting in both riders having to stop and straighten.

IKTO (App P Haris) which was beaten 22 lengths, will be required to pass a 1000M/vet test
before being declared to race again for having a poor performance.

Upon returning to scales, App S Shafrizal, the rider of FRENCH EXPRESS, reported that his
horse was caught wide throughout.

The Stewards questioned App M Hanif and Trainer SB Tan into the very disappointing
performance of the last start winner, LITTLE MAN.
App M Hanif stated that after jumping well, LITTLE MAN failed to show his usual early pace
as it had on previous start and failed to respond to his vigourous riding. He further stated that
from the 900M, he had several looks down to the horses legs as in his opinion, he felt that
something may have been amiss. Approaching the 400M. he was able to catch the field and
place the gelding under pressure in the home straight, however, it failed to respond to his
riding and finished well-back.
Trainer SB Tan was totally at a lost in relation to the disappointing performance as he had
supported LITTLE MAN and it had worked extremely well throughout the week and expected
a winning performance.
The Stewards noted their comments for future reference. A post-race veterinary examination
of LITTLE MAN revealed that it was lame off hind and as such will be required to pass a
1000M/vet test before being declared to race again. The gelding was impounded for routine
analytical and veterinary examination.