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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 09/01/2016
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1200M (SC) TIME: 13:45 PRIZE MONEY: RM22000
Trackform号码 [43]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:11.50
3包赢 3150758561谭健聪依马迪10
9牛熊市 23451549荷西莱因斯21.8
5高达十一 2745956537林安健翟民35.3
11威事达 164825249.510A NAWAWI西华45.4
10易前 2248553.552.512祖菲立陈仕明55.5
7纳诺王子 2443654.552.54S RUZAINI莱因斯68.5
8沙家之速 2447754.58哈密星林文通79.8
1融挞 33481593韦尔纳魏锣升810
2岩石 3250058.556.52韩倪菲爱华911.3
12霸王花 144805251.511沙里扎罗伯斯1011.6
6真配 2646455.553.56林上崴林伟杰1113.4
4动力乐队 3049557.554.55APP P DENESKUMAR魏锣升1213.5

DYNAMIC TRIO (App P Deneskumar) was fractious in the barrier prior to jumping, jumped
awkwardly and shifted inwards resulting in the rider becoming unbalanced.

ROCK AND STONE (App M Hanif) jumped awkwardly resulting in the rider in becoming

Upon jumping, YES MADAM (App S Shafrizal) jumped inwards resulting in VISTA (A
Nawawi) being crowded for room and lost ground as a consequence.

ELEVEN UP (App AK Lim) was slow to begin.

Approaching the 400M, VISTA was held up for a clear run behind EASY AHEAD (App S
Zulfikri) and had to shift outwards to gain clear running over the final 300M.

ROCK AND STONE was held up for a clear run approaching the 300M behind runners in
front, and shifted outwards to gain clear running approaching the 200M, and again found itself
held up and failed to be fully tested.

Approaching the 200M, PRINCE NANO (S Ruzaini) shifted outwards resulting in
DYNAMIC TRIO being momentarily inconvenienced and lost ground.

SAGARS EXPRESS (HS Gill) and EASY AHEAD were both caught racing 3-wide
throughout the event.

The Stewards questioned Jockey S Ruzaini and Trainer R Lines into the disappointing
performance of PRINCE NANO in this race. Jockey S Ruzaini explained that after jumping
well, he had a favourable position, however approaching the 700M, the horse failed to respond
to his riding and was unable to hold his position between runners and placed it under pressure,
however the gelding failed to respond to his riding.
Trainer R Lines concurred with the Stewards observations in relation to the disappointing
performance and could not offer any explanation as the gelding had worked extremely well
throughout the week and expected a very good performance.
The Stewards informed Trainer R Lines to report back to the Stewards if there is anything
amiss with the gelding on returning to his stable. Their explanations were noted for future
reference. A post-race veterinary examination of PRINCE NANO revealed that the gelding
returned with mild inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, and as such will be required to
undergo a veterinary examination (at rest) before being declared to race again.

The Stewards questioned App M Hanif, in the presence of his Master, Trainer P Fell, as to the
racing tactics adopted on ROCK AND STONE from the 400M in this race in particular why
he failed to attempt to take a run when the opportunity presented itself .
App M Hanif stated that shortly after entering the front straight, ROCK AND STONE had a
tendency to lay inwards when being struck with the whip resulting in the gelding shifting
inwards and he had to stop riding. He further stated that he did attempt to shift outwards to
take a run to his outside, however, this gap further closed when the horse in front of him
moved outwards and he found himself further held up. Trainer P Fell agreed with his
Apprentices comments.
The Stewards, after viewing the official patrol films and acting on their own observations,
agreed with App M Hanifs statements, however, informed him that in future he should
endeavor to take runs when the opportunity presented themselves whenever possible.