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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 19/12/2015
RACE 5: CLASS 3 - 1400M (TURF TRACK) TIME: 15:20 PRIZE MONEY: RM$63000
Trackform号码 [1515]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:23.60
1推动 7449859579S RUZAINI梅纳德10
2特朗先生 7149757.554.511凯利梅纳德20.8
7富贵咖啡 66432555210沙里扎马安娜31.6
5怒狮 6950056.555.51阮德利莱因斯42.1
13终极型男 624675313荷西莱因斯53.4
10百万富翁 6353453.56刘菘粱翟民65.9
4九皇冠 70537575512布卡里林文通76.2
14惊天动地 605695251.55瓦南特威士86.5
8恭太子 6551354.54韦尔纳魏锣升96.7
9惊醒 6346953.550.514韩倪菲爱华106.9
12支流 624695351.57APP AK LIM马丹尼117.4
3四贤人 7148657.553.53塔米尔马丹尼127.9
6最驚喜 66503558哈密星林文通138.4
11金手指 6349953.550.52阿密鲁魏锣升1416.9
RACE 5 (R1515) CLASS 3  1400M (LONG COURSE A)

PRINCE GONSKI (M Wepner) was fractious in the barrier and as a result, Jockey M Wepner
was dislodged. PRINCE GONSKI was checked by the Club Veterinary Surgeon and passed fit
to take its place in the field. Jockey M Wepner was also examined by the Club Doctor and was
passed fit to fulfill his riding engagement.

Upon jumping, TOUCH OF GOLD (App I Amirul) shifted out and inconvenienced THE
OMEGA MAN (J De Souza).

BIG SURPRISE (HS Gill) was severely checked when RAMIFICATIONS (App AK Lim)
jumped outwards and IMPEL (S Ruzaini) jumped inwards.

Approaching the 1000M, NOBLE FOUR (App A Thamil) shifted out abruptly resulting in a
contact with MR ARMSTRONG (App Z Khairil). FEISTY LEO (C Goon), ACE SURPRISE
(SS Vanan) and Q NINE MAX (H Bukhari) were all inconvenienced as a result of this
incident. TOUCH OF GOLD which was following, had to shift out abruptly to gain clear

Approaching the 800M, MR ARMSTRONG had to be eased off the heels of FEISTY LEO
and lost some ground. As a result of this incident, ACE SURPRISE, PRINCE GONSKI and
LUWAK COFFEE (App S Shafrizal) were all inconvenienced and lost some ground.

Approaching the 400M, MR ARMSTRONG had to be eased off the heels of
RAMIFICATIONS and shifted in to gain clear running.

The State of Track was upgraded to Good after the running of this race.