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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 05/12/2015
RACE 2: CLASS 5 - 1400M A(LC) TIME: 14:20 PRIZE MONEY: RM28500
Trackform号码 [1450]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:23.70
8向您敬礼 3550455533S RUZAINI苏克里10
5你和我 4146558558韩倪菲爱华22.3
4挡不住 4147058562黄锦昌依马迪32.6
6宇宙魔方 4045457.554.57APP P DENESKUMAR魏锣升44.1
3魔咒先生 43476595512塔米尔马丹尼55.4
2我独行 43548591刘菘粱莱因斯65.7
11花拉 335085454.510阮德利莱因斯75.9
12米酒王 275045250.59APP AK LIM马丹尼86.4
9全包了 3444954.550.511斐泽魏锣升98.2
10平和 3450654.55索凡马安娜108.3
7气之力量 3747756544林上崴西华118.8
RACE 2 (R1450) CLASS 5  1400M (Long Course A)

The start of this race was delayed 5 minutes when EN LAUDER failed to make its way fully
to the barriers as Jockey M Wepner felt that there was something amiss with EN LAUDER
due to the gelding coughing. The Stewards ordered a veterinary examination on EN LAUDER
and the gelding was passed fit to go to the barriers. The Stewards instructed Trainer R Lines to
allow the gelding to go to the barrier stalls where it would again undergo a veterinary
examination, however, he refused to do so after being instructed by the Stipendiary Steward.
EN LAUDER was withdrawn by order of the Stewards at 2:25pm, and impounded for routine
analytical and veterinary examination.
At the conclusion of an inquiry and after evidence was taken from Trainer R Lines and Jockey
M Wepner, the Trainer and rider of EN LAUDER respectively, Dr Shri Kanth, Senior
Veterinary Surgeon of SLTC, and Dr James Yu, Veterinary Surgeon of SLTC, Trainer R
Lines pleaded guilty to a charge under MRA Rule 152(5)(b) in that he disobeyed the order of
the Stewards.
In assessing penalty, the Stewards took into consideration the seriousness of the charge,
mitigating circumstances leading up to this event and Trainer R Lines good record. Trainer R
Lines was fined RM2000/- and was advised of his Right of Appeal (5:55pm).

Upon jumping, IRREPRESSIBLE (App KC Wong) and KIM SALUTE (S Ruzaini) bumped.

QI POWER (App SU Lim) jumped awkwardly.

Upon jumping, MR ABRACADABRA (App A Thamil) shifted inwards and inconvenienced
ALL YOU CAN (App W Faizal).

Upon jumping, TESSERACT (App P Deneskumar), UNME (App M Hanif) and SUPER
WINE (App AK Lim) all came together.

FIORELLA (C Goon) was caught racing 3-wide in the early stages before gaining a rail
position at the 1000M.

SUPER WINE finished wider on the track in the home straight.