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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 28/11/2015
RACE 6: CLASS 4 - 1100M B(SC) TIME: 16:35 PRIZE MONEY: RM49000
Trackform号码 [1417]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:05.20
5超力量 5357556543黄锦昌莱因斯10
7暗脉 494655452.510甘尼斯梅纳德20.5
10开心选择 454865251.57凯利莎莉31
3超好 5750658554庄华栋莱因斯41.5
6得到乐趣 514385511殷荣君库克53
1世勝礼物 5948459569布卡里罗伯斯63.3
9英国梦 4546052516APP WK LEE魏锣升74.3
4快乐飞翔 5449656.52何室楼梅纳德84.6
8到终点 4850053.550.55A NAWAWI西华95.1
2一皮先生 5848858.554.512林嘉彬西华106.4
12金能力 44497528刘菘粱苏克里116.7
11金酿 445845251.51瓦南特威士1229.2
RACE 6 (R1417) CLASS 4  1100M (Short Course B)

CIZEN GIFT (H Bukhari) cast its off fore plate en route to the barrier and had to be reshod.
CIZEN GIFT was checked by the Club Veterinary Surgeon and passed fit to take its place in
the field.

On jumping, GET THE LOTSKI (WK Yan) and DARK PULSE (M Ganeesh) bumped on
several occasions.

Approaching the 200M, GET THE LOTSKI was held up for a clear run behind HAPPY
CHOICE (App Z Khairil). Shortly after the incident, ENGLISH DREAM rolled inwards
resulting in GET THE LOTSKI moving outwards over the heels of HAPPY CHOICE.

Racing to the 150M mark, SPEED POWER (App KC Wong) shifted in over the heels of
HAPPY FLYING (Lou Ho) and as a result, SUPER GOOD (App WT Chung) had to be
checked by its rider. App KC Wong was shown the official patrol film of the incident, and was
reprimanded and reminded of his obligation to exercise greater care when shifting ground
under similar circumstances in future.

REACHING (A Nawawi) had a tendency to shift out under pressure over the concluding
stages of the race.

Over the concluding stages of the event, CIZEN GIFT had to be checked off the heels of
REACHING (A Nawawi) and shifted in to gain clear running. Shortly after this incident,
CIZEN GIFT shifted in further resulting in ENGLISH DREAM shifting in and away from
CIZEN GIFT which resulted in a heavy contact with GET THE LOTSKI.

ENGLISH DREAM (App WK Lee) and MR EPIC (App KP Lim) were both caught racing
wide throughout the event.