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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 31/10/2015
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1200M A(SC) TIME: 13:15 PRIZE MONEY: RM22000
Trackform号码 [1289]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:11.00
9向您敬礼 3050156.553.513韩倪苏克里10
11纳诺王子 27435555刘菘粱莱因斯20.3
12易前 2448353.551.51菲尔祖陈仕明32.3
3文莱故事 3444258.554.54斐泽魏锣升42.6
7好震动 3251157.555.58再迪莱因斯54.4
1中国剪影 355015911韦尔纳魏锣升64.6
2民权联盟 35480593伯内特马安娜75.4
13王者统帅 2246652.57荷西莱因斯86.2
4闪电皇后 3448258.556.52林上崴林伟杰98.5
14狂风暴雨 214995214哈密星林文通109.8
5大把在手 3446258.556.512瓦南西华119.9
10金帝娃 2750355539S RUZAINI苏克里1210.9
6真传统 3450458.510何室楼梅纳德1311.7
8黑色奇迹 3143757536APP WK LEE特威士1413.7
RACE 1 (R1289) CLASS 5  1200M (Short Course A)

Upon jumping, KIM DIVA (S Ruzaini) jumped outwards and inconvenienced GOOD

PRINCE NANO (J Low) and EASY AHEAD (App A Farezul) were both slow to begin.

Leaving the 300M, EASY AHEAD had a tendency to lay inwards and had to be eased over the
heels of STORM THROUGH and shifted out to gain clear running.

Approaching the 100M, CHINESE SILHOUETTE (M Wepner) had to shift in over the heels
of LIGHTNING QUEEN (App SU Lim) resulting in the rider having to stop and straighten in
order to gain clear ground.

App SS Vanan, the rider of PLENTY IN HAND, reported that the saddle on his horse slipped
backwards at about the 600M.

App W Faizal, the rider of BRUNEI TALE, was reprimanded for hitting his horse forward of
the shoulder on a couple of occasions in the home straight.

The Stewards questioned Trainer M Sukri and Jockey S Ruzaini into the disappointing
performance of KIM DIVA. Jockey S Ruzaini stated that at all stages throughout the event, he
was attempting to improve his position, however, the mare failed to respond to his riding.
Trainer M Sukri stated that he believed that the mare was up-in-class from its previous win
and that he could not offer any further explanation. Trainer M Sukris explanation was noted
and was reminded of his obligation in terms of MRA Rule 117(3) regarding inconsistent and
unreliable running.

Trainer M Sukri was questioned regarding the improved performance of KIM SALUTE (App
M Hanif). He explained that after the Equine Influenza break, the gelding had been working
extremely well and was suited by todays track conditions and that he was surprised with the
improved performance. Trainer M Sukri was again informed of MRA Rule 117(3) and that the
Steward would expect the good performances of this horse to continue. His explanation was

Trainer F Maynard and Jockey Lou Ho were questioned regarding the disappointing
performance of TRUE HERITAGE in particular why it was raced wide throughout. Jockey
Lou Ho explained that he was attempting to gain a position closer to the rails, however, was
unable to do so due to the runners to the inside holding him out there. He placed the gelding
under pressure and it failed to respond to his riding. This was supported by Trainer F Maynard
and supported by the official patrol film. Their explanations were noted.