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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 21/06/2015
RACE 5: CLASS 5 - 1100M A(SC) (TURF) TIME: 15:55 PRIZE MONEY: RM20000
Trackform号码 [783]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:04.70
15大香槟 24504525210穆艾扎莱因斯10
1达摩 4147259553哈里斯林文通20.3
2三角翼 3944458585J KEATING库克31.1
13岩石 3049753.550.512韩倪菲爱华41.3
12李家惊喜 3444855.555.52沙列伍润平51.4
8我没错 374775754.56法鲁丁林伟杰64.2
7融挞 3846757.554.54APP P DENESKUMAR魏锣升74.4
9奥兹 37458575511法仕雷库克85.2
6东方佳丽 3844457.555.57尼詹商荷华95.5
3陆福 3844557.557.513易旺布林克106
14初出茅庐 2945253531刘菘粱莱因斯116.2
10初鸣 3743757538斐泽魏锣升127.5
11玛哈 3542156569陆培斯马丹尼1316.5
RACE 5 (R783) Class 5  1100M (Short Course A)

Upon jumping, SUPER JETSET (App P Deneskumar) jumped outwards and made contact
with DELTA WING (J Keating) and as a result SUPER JETSET lost ground.

TAKE A BOW (App W Faizal) jumped awkwardly and got its head up in the air.

OZZY (I Fadzlei) jumped outwards and made contact with CHAMPAGNE ROSE (App AM

Shortly after the start, ORIENTAL BELLE (J Nizam) shifted out abruptly despite the effort of
its rider and severely inconvenienced MAHA (E Lopes).

Approaching the 250M, DELTA WING (J Keating) was held up for a clear run and had to
switch inwards off the heels of NOT MY FAULT (App R Fakruddin) to gain clear running
and ran home strongly.

The Stewards questioned Jockey J Nizam, the rider of ORIENTAL BELLE, and Jockey S
Salee, the rider of LEES SURPRISE, into the reasons why LEES SURPRISE was severely
checked at the 1000M mark.
At the conclusion of an inquiry, Jockey J Nizam, the rider of ORIENTAL BELLE, pleaded
guilty to a charge of careless riding under MRA Rule 44(9)(a)(ii) in that whilst riding passing
the 1000M, he was insufficiently clear of LEES SURPRISE which had to check off his
horses heels and lose his position.
In assessing the penalty, the Stewards took into consideration Jockey J Nizams guilty plea,
mitigating factors, previous riding record and his submissions on penalty. He was suspended
from riding in races for a period of two (2) Malaysian race days with effect from 22 June 2015
and to expire on 5 July 2015, both dates inclusive. He was advised of his Right of Appeal