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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 20/06/2015
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1100M A(SC) (TURF) TIME: 13:15 PRIZE MONEY: RM20000
Trackform号码 [770]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:05.80
3沙拉汀 4247558.555.513穆艾扎西华10
1宇宙万象 4347959554斐泽魏锣升21.8
8文莱故事 3644055.5548APP P DENESKUMAR魏锣升32.3
9闪电皇后 354925553.53庄华栋林伟杰42.8
2千金小姐 4243658.554.511哈里斯林文通53.3
4巨蛛怪 4151958551法鲁丁西华64.8
11棒棒男孩 23483524810克希纳莱因斯74.9
7中国宝贝 3851756.554.59法仕雷林文通85
6宫廷秀 39483575412韩倪菲爱华96.5
5好搭档 3946257562戴礼梁林伟杰106.6
12小女孩 2243752527韦尔纳西华117.4
13小比利 214635250.56APP WK LEE莱因斯1310.9
RACE 1 (R770) Class 5  1100M (Short Course A)

As the gates were opened, ROYAL SHOW (App M Hanif) reared upon jumping.

MISS THOUSAND jumped inwards at the start resulting in App P Haris becoming
unbalanced and having to straighten, and as a result MAIBOY LOLLIPOP (App T Krisna) and
BILLY BOY (App WK Lee) were inconvenienced.

ROYAL SHOW raced fiercely in the early stages and had to be steadied off the heels of MISS
THOUSAND. ROYAL SHOW continued to race fiercely throughout the event.

MISS THOUSAND raced wide over the final 700M and shifted out abruptly when making a
turn into the front straight.

Shortly after entering the front straight, BILLY BOY shifted inwards resulting in App WK
Lee having to stop and straighten.

Approaching the 300M, LIGHTNING QUEEN (App WT Chung) shifted out resulting in JET
COSMO being inconvenienced.

Approaching the 300M NISHI GIRL (M Wepner) shifted in under pressure resulting in
BRUNEI TALE (App P Deneskumar) having to be checked by its rider and switched course.
Jockey M Wepner was reminded of his obligation to straighten his mount sooner than what he
did on this occasion.

Approaching the 200M, MASQUERAIN (App R Fakruddin) accidentally lost his off side rein.

The Stewards questioned App W Faizal, the rider of JET COSMO, in the presence of his
Master, Trainer L Moy who is also the Trainer of JET COSMO, as to the racing tactics
adopted on JET COSMO from the 400M to the 200M in particular why he allowed his horse
to shift in and did not keep it in a straight line.
After taking evidence from App W Faizal and Trainer L Moy, the Stewards reported that JET
COSMO had a tendency to shift inwards as in previous runs resulting in the rider having to
stop and straighten. JET COSMO was further inconvenienced in the home straight when
LIGHTNING QUEEN shifted out and inconvenienced him. The Stewards took no action but
informed App W Faizal that he must improve on his riding skills.

At the conclusion of an inquiry, App P Haris, the rider of MISS THOUSAND, in the presence
of his Master, Trainer BT Lim, pleaded guilty to a charge under MRA Rule 44(10) for failing
to ride to the satisfaction of the Stewards. The particulars of the charge were that:
1. From the 600M, he allowed his horse to shift outwards when in the opinion of the
Stewards, he should have kept his position and not allow his horse to shift wider
and he failed to attempt to bring it in closer;
2. In the home straight, he did not use the whip in his normal manner and it is
questionable whether he actually struck the horse on numerous occasions.

In assessing the penalty, the Stewards took into consideration App P Haris guilty plea,
mitigating factors, his submissions on penalty, his limited riding experience and that this is his
first offence in relation to his type of offence. App P Haris was suspended from riding in races
for a period of three (3) months with effect from 22 June 2015 and to expire on 21 September
2015, both dates inclusive. He was also fined RM10,000/- and advised of his Right of Appeal