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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 23/05/2015
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1100M B(SC) TIME: 13:45 PRIZE MONEY: RM20000
Trackform号码 [647]
场地:微湿 夺标时速: 1:04.70
4世勝兄弟 2744757.554.57黄敬权陈瑞福10
12金属乐队 1547052526刘菘粱莱因斯23.5
1烏達木 3043259563APP P DENESKUMAR魏锣升34.8
9易前 20457545414B DOYLE陈仕明47.6
8也南出击 2645657545APP AK LIM林伟杰58.9
6新桥 2749357.554.54韩倪T JACKMAN69.2
11喷射港口 16428525213沙列特威士79.4
13潘罗拉 1550652509APP WK LEE特威士810.7
10威事达 18477535110林上崴西华910.9
5纳诺王子 2743457.553.58林嘉彬莱因斯1012.2
14LITTLE GIANT 14454525211甘尼斯西华1112.4
2九皇殿 30448595612法鲁丁林文通1213.7
7九纹龙 2645657562戴礼梁林伟杰1313.9
3好友 2949158.558.51荷西莱因斯1416.2
RACE 1 (R647) Class 5  1100M (Short Course B)

DRAGON NINE (LL Tai) was slow to begin.

Upon jumping, LITTLE GIANT (M Ganeesh) was momentarily inconvenienced when VISTA
(App SU Lim) jumped outwards and Q NINE MAJESTIC (App R Fakruddin) jumping

LITTLE GIANT was slow to muster early speed.

PRINCE NANO (App KP Lim) and LITTLE GIANT were caught racing 3 wide throughout
the event.

The Stewards questioned Trainer R Lines, the Trainer of GOOD FRIEND, Jockey J De Souza,
the rider of GOOD FRIEND, into the disappointing performance of the last start winner.
Trainer R Lines stated that he was at a lost to explain GOOD FRIENDs disappointing
performance today as the gelding had worked extremely well throughout the week and
expected a forward showing. He also stated that after reviewing the vision of the race, he
believed that the gelding raced like a horse at the end of its preparation. The Stewards
informed Trainer R Lines to report back to the Stewards if there is anything amiss with the
gelding on returning to his stable.
Jockey J De Souza stated that he was also at a lost to explain the disappointing performance
and stated that he placed the gelding under pressure from the 800M and it failed to respond
to his riding as in previous occasions.
Their explanations were noted for future reference. A post-race veterinary examination of
GOOD FRIEND revealed no significant finding. The gelding, which was beaten 16 lengths,
will be required to pass a satisfactory 1000M/vet test before being declared to race again for
having a poor performance.