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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 14/02/2015
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1100M (SC) TIME: 13:45 PRIZE MONEY: RM17500
Trackform号码 [221]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:05.20
6大香槟 2650455528林嘉彬莱因斯10
12金属乐队 154765252.53庄华栋莱因斯22.3
5元帅 3051657567戴礼梁林伟杰35.3
7博闻小子 2446354519APP AK LIM魏锣升45.8
1劲矛 34509595911艾菲瞿乐伯56.1
3大忙人 3047457541黄锦昌莱因斯66.4
4九纹龙 30463575410林上崴林伟杰76.5
10牛熊市 2145752.552.54刘菘粱莱因斯86.7
2金钱来 3140957.555.56瓦南特威士96.8
8沙漠心灵 2447254542布卡里苏克里107.3
9威事达 2349553.553.512易旺西华117.5
11街头物语 1847252525沙列苏克里129.5
RACE 1 (R221) Class 5  1100M (Short Course B)

Jockey J De Souza was fined RM500/- for negligence under MRA Rule 152(5)(a) for failing
to make the carded weight. The Stewards granted permission for Jockey J Low to replace
Jockey J De Souza as the rider of BULL AND BEAR.

BOWEN LAD (App AK Lim) jumped outwards and POWER SHAFT (Y Aify) jumped
inwards resulting in DRAGON NINE (App SU Lim) having to be steadied.

Shortly after the start, DRAGON NINE was severely tightened for room and lost ground as a
result of POWER SHAFT shifting inwards and BOWEN LAD shifting outwards.

STREET WONDER (S Salee) was severely checked shortly after the start as a result of
MANIKAM (SS Vanan)jumping inwards and METALLICA (App WT Chung) jumping

Racing to the 900M, DESERT SOUL (H Bukhari) shifted inwards despite the efforts of its
rider and inconvenienced BUZZ MAN (App KC Wong). BULL AND BEAR (J Low) which
was following, had to be checked by its rider and lost ground.

Racing to the 600M, GENERAL G (LL Tai) shifted inwards resulting in CHAMPAGNE
ROSE (App KP Lim) rolling in marginally. DESERT SOUL was checked as a result and lost
ground. BUZZ MAN and BULL AND BEAR were also inconvenienced in this incident.

Racing to the 300M, METALLICA (App WT Chung) was momentarily held up for a run
between POWER SHAFT and MANIKAM, and as a result, shifted out across those horses
heels to gain clear running.

At the conclusion of an inquiry today, App WT Chung, the rider of METALLICA, pleaded
guilty to a charge under MRA Rule 121(7) in that he changed his boots after he weighed out
for this race.
In assessing the penalty, the Stewards took into account App WT Chungs guilty plea,
mitigating factors, previous record and his submissions on penalty. App WT Chung was fined
RM500/- and was advised of his Right of Appeal.

At the conclusion of an inquiry today, after viewing the official patrol films and considering
the evidence tendered, Jockey LL Tai, the rider of GENERAL G, was found guilty of a charge
under MRA Rule 44(10) for failing to ride to the satisfaction of the Stewards. The particulars
of the charge were that he did not ride to the satisfaction of the Stewards in that he failed to
show sufficient vigour from the 700M until inside the 350M when his horse ran home strongly
and finished third in the event.
In assessing the penalty, the Stewards took into consideration Jockey LL Tais mitigating
factors, previous riding record and his submissions on penalty. Acting on the provisions of
MRA Rule 48(5), the Stewards deferred the commencement of Jockey LL Tais suspension.
He was suspended from riding in races for a period of 1 month with effect from 23 February
2015 and to expire 22 March 2015, both dates inclusive. He was advised of his Right of
Appeal (3:55pm).

The Stewards questioned Jockey J Low, the rider of BULL AND BEAR, and Trainer R Lines,
the Trainer of BULL AND BEAR, as to the racing tactics adopted on that gelding in this race.
Trainer R Lines confirmed his instructions were to be mid to back which were confirmed by
the Stewards from the Trainers Instruction Form as he believed this suited the gelding and
this was confirmed by the Stewards from their observation of previous patrol films. Trainer R
Lines further stated that the gelding was better suited over longer distance than todays
1100M. Jockey J Low stated that he was checked several times in the event which resulted in
BULL AND BEAR racing further back than he anticipated. Their explanations were noted for
future reference.