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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 01/02/2015
RACE 2: CLASS 5 - 1400M (LC) TIME: 14:10 PRIZE MONEY: RM17500
Trackform号码 [177]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:25.00
6沉默是金 3947957578荷西梅纳德10
2英雄豪杰 4249258.555.59布卡里梅纳德20.3
10真传统 3550155542何室楼布林克30.5
3我没错 4147958553林上崴林伟杰41.8
9荣誉斗士 37475565510戴礼梁陈仕明56.1
1小狮王 4353359591刘菘粱林文通66.4
4好震动 4052957.556.56阮德利莱因斯78.7
7金星公主 3849456.5535林嘉彬莱因斯811.5
12新桥 334875453.54庄华栋菲爱华913.8
11多喜 3446254.553.512APP P DENESKUMAR魏锣升1014.8
8神秘武士 3845256.556.57哈密星林文通1115.1
5红马 39479575711易旺西华1220.6
RACE 2 (R177) Class 5  1400M (Long Course B)

The start was delayed as STORM HERO (H Bukhari) proved difficult to be loaded into the
barrier. Trainer F Maynard will be advised that he must attempt to rectify the barrier manners
of the gelding or a further action will be taken.

On jumping, TRUE HERITAGE (Lou Ho) shifted in and severely inconvenienced LITTLE
LION (J Low). Jockey Lou Ho was advised that he should make a greater effort to control his
horse than he did on this occasion.

LITTLE LION jumped awkwardly.

DELIGHTFULLY (App P Deneskumar) was slow to begin.

Racing to the 1000M, TRUE HERITAGE shifted out resulting in LITTLE LION being taken
out across the heels of STORM HERO and as a result, lost ground.

Racing to the 1000M, GOOD VIBRATIONS (C Goon) had to steady off the heels of CODE
OF SILENCE (J De Souza).

Racing to the 900M, LITTLE LION (J Low) had to be checked by its rider when TRUE
HERITAGE shifted outwards and STORM HERO shifted inwards.

At about the 100M, GOOD VIBRATIONS which was taken wide off the track by TRUE
HERITAGE, had to shift to the inside of TRUE HERITAGE to obtain clear running.

MYSTIC WARRIOR (HS Gill) was caught racing 3 wide throughout the event.

BLAZING STEED which was beaten 21 lengths, will be required to pass a 1000M/vet test
before being declared to race again for having a poor performance.