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马来西亚 (雪兰莪) - 03/01/2015
RACE 8: CLASS 4 - 1400M (LC) TIME: 17:40 PRIZE MONEY: RM40000
Trackform号码 [27]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:24.90
1大师父 5252658571戴礼梁林伟杰10
7摇滚乐 4752355.555.52奥嘉伦瞿乐伯21.3
3九皇军 4945856.552.55法鲁丁林文通33.3
6小聪明 4846556534林上崴陈仕明44.1
2气之力量 5048357547穆艾扎西华55.1
8走地王 4648155556易旺莱因斯65.6
10韦纳遗产 44495545410B伍活莱因斯75.9
9琳达 4649955529韩倪戴米勒88.2
5顶呱呱 4849356543法仕雷林文通98.5
4魔咒先生 4848956568陆培斯商荷华108.6
RACE 8 (R027) Class 4  1400M (Long Course B)

JALAN KING (K Eirwan) was slow to begin.

Racing to the 300M, JALAN KING had to be steadied to avoid the heels of LET IT ROCK (K
ONeill) which shifted in to obtain a clear run. SUPER GURU (LL Tai), REMARKABLE
(App SU Lim), LET IT ROCK and Q NINE MASTER all shifted out over the concluding
stages of the race and finished wider on the track.

LEANDRA App M Hanif was questioned as to that mares performance today. App M Hanif
confirmed his instructions were to be midfield which were confirmed by the Stewards from
the Trainers Instruction Form. He stated that he was caught wide early, settled midfield and
travelled well until the 500M when Q NINE MASTER (App R Fakruddin) took him wider on
the track and he continued to shift ground out. He further stated that from the 400M, he
commenced to ride with the whip in his right hand and when the mare failed to respond, he
changed the whip to his left hand but the mare continued to shift out and finished wider on the
track. A post-race veterinary examination of LEANDRA revealed no significant finding. The
Stewards adjourned the inquiry to a date to be fixed to allow his Master, Trainer P Fell and the
Trainer of LEANDRA, Trainer D Miller, to attend the inquiry.