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新加坡 - 09/08/2015
第2场: 新秀赛 (4岁及以下) (在提名日以前已有2年未胜出比赛,并且在新、马两地拥有少过8次的上阵记录)(4岁及以下) (依龄配磅赛) (2) - 1200M D跑道 (长直程) (草地赛道) 时间: 13:20 奖金: S$65000
Trackform号码 [993]
场地:良好 夺标时速: 1:11.08 分段时间:400公尺 0:25.44  600公尺 0:37.15  800公尺 0:48.55  1000公尺 0:59.69  
马名 配备 马匹
8林肯金 TT046056549祖利曼必拿3-3-111:11.080
6九皇格 BB049257.557.55冼文诺霍卡 10-8-221:11.150.5
9南洋大班 BB5147450.551.53哥拉利尚恩2-1-331:11.200.8
1长矛骑兵 4950257.557.57白布朗麦菲文8-7-441:11.311.6
4卡洛赢 B052857.557.510祖格拉绍尔 4-5-551:11.452.4
10黑天鹅 053450.549.58海理伯里奇9-9-661:11.522.9
2好久 EM4553557.557.51S约翰莫振麟5-4-771:11.804.7
7唱得好 049957.557.52潘浩明奥哈拉6-6-881:12.247.5
3槟州小子 050657.557.56B伍活L黎根 1-2-991:12.287.8
5魔术騎兵 047957.557.54艾博托莫振麟7-10-10101:12.438.8
RACE 2 [TF0993]

MOTHER NATURE (TH Koh), which was fractious in the barrier and became
cast, was taken out and examined by the Veterinary Surgeon. Acting on
veterinary advice, it was withdrawn by order of the Panel of Stewards at
1323Hrs. MOTHER NATURE will be required to pass one starting stall test
and a veterinary examination prior to being declared to race again in terms
of MRA Rule 78(2).

BLACK SWAN (App K AIsisuhairi), which was slow into stride, steadied
outwards when inconvenienced by GO LANCE (CW Brown), which jumped
awkwardly outwards.

Q NINE MAXIM (M Nunes) and ANAK PENANG (R Woodworth) bumped on
jumping. Q NINE MAXIM was then crowded between ANAK PENANG and
MAGIC RANGER (M Esposito), which was carried outwards by SOUTHERN
HUSSLER (M Kellady).

SING FABULOUS (B Parnham) became unbalanced after being bumped by
GREAT NINTH (S John) on jumping.

Near the 900m, MAGIC RANGER steadied when racing tight between SING
FABULOUS and CARO INA (N Juglall).

MAGIC RANGER proved difficult to settle in the middle stages.

GO LANCE raced wide throughout.

The Farrier reported that CARO INA returned having cast its off-fore plate.

App AIsisuhairi, when questioned regarding the run of BLACK SWAN, stated
that he was held up and unable to improve approaching the turn into the
straight. Thereafter, he stayed to the inside as he felt he may be able to
obtain a run between GREAT NINTH and SING FABULOUS. However, after
entering the straight, with his mount racing greenly, he was reluctant to take
a narrow run between these runners. As such, he attempted to come to the
outside but had to wait a number of strides until he could shift outwards
across the heels of SING FABULOUS. Thereafter, although still racing
greenly, BLACK SWAN had run on well when placed under pressure. Whilst
Stewards noted his explanation, he was advised to ride in a manner so as not
to arouse query.

App Z Zuriman who rode his 80th winner on LINCOLNS GOLD will only be
permitted to claim 1Kg allowance with effect from Monday, 10 August 2015.